October 1, 2022


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Jungfrau Zeitung – Move your mouse away from old technology

Telecommunications | 14. April 2021

Swisscom’s second-generation mobile network is history. After nearly 30 years, 2G is finally out of date, and the last GSM networks were decommissioned in mid-April, Swisscom says.

2G network has been shut down – the space freed up is dedicated to serving the latest technology.Foto: Keystone, Martial Trezzini

The percentage of traffic transmitted through 2G has been steadily declining and was below 0.03 percent at the end of 2020. User behavior has changed dramatically since the introduction of 2G in 1993, and mobile data traffic has increased every year, according to Swisscom. Time, such as making calls or sending text messages.

Swisscom intends to use the capabilities now unlocked in the mobile network for the newer 4G and 5G technologies. With these, data can be transferred more reliably, more efficiently, and faster and phone calls can also be made in the best HD quality. In addition to classic data transmission, live broadcasting and games, hardware and machine networking solutions (Internet of Things, Internet of Things) are becoming increasingly important.

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