Today, we are surrounded by data both in the private environment and in the world of work, but how can we deal with this legacy that is often poorly known and mismanaged by companies and thus facilitate their work and increase their productivity? This is the project that Humans4Help is dedicated to, and which Leila Benhammou founded in 2017. After obtaining a master’s degree in physics, training in marketing, and international experience in major financial centers, Laila decided to launch her work with her heart an important place for humans. Humans4Help was born. “Our mission is to bridge the gap between the human world and the world of technology, and help companies move to digital transformation, which has witnessed a remarkable increase since the Covid crisis,” explains Leila Benhamou.

The young lady made her place in this world of technology thanks to design and thanks to her mastery of the subject. Very quickly, the group experienced strong growth, and in nearly a year, it grew from zero to 40 employees, both male and female, youth and callers, guiding the corporate strategies in the maturity of their data assets. Their solutions allow teams to save time and time that they can use to analyze data and no longer to extract. Today, the group is present in France, Senegal, Canada, and the United States.

Promising ideas, Humans4Help is not lacking. Recently, the company embarked on financial education for young people in order to show that this field is “not just restricted to a small elite,” asserts Leila. It has also developed Talent HUB, which provides young graduates with retraining or even company employees to help them use technology in their daily lives.

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