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BMW reveals details of the flagship technology – but the price is not for the faint of heart

BMW reveals details of the flagship technology – but the price is not for the faint of heart

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BMW announces new details about a new, massive and innovative vehicle. The SUV range is really suitable for fans. However, the costs are lower.

Munich – BMW is increasingly pressing the gas pedal with regard to electric mobility. By the end of 2021, the group, which has made billions in profits despite Corona, will launch two electrified models. On the other hand, there is the BMW iX3 SUV, which has been on sale in the most important auto market in China for some time and is now used by German dealers as well.

On the other hand, the launch of BMW iX is approaching in the market, and it was presented at the end of 2020. Now the premium manufacturer has revealed more details about the electric vehicle, including the price. Not surprisingly, BMW’s new SUV is available for large sums of money, with the price list for the weaker iX xDrive40 starting at € 77,300, but there is a charging capacity of 150 kW.

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BMW iX: an electric SUV with two levels of performance and a large range

The entry-level car of the new BMW technology pioneer has a capacity of 240 kW / 300 hp, and the battery capacity is more than 70 kWh. Sprint quality vehicle 2.5 tons in less than six seconds. For many customers, the issue of how much time owners spend at charging stations is perhaps more important. The figure of 80 percent is often used to see electric cars – the BMW iX 40 is claimed to reach this value in under 40 minutes. This is barely longer than many of the rest periods, including accompanying symptoms, however.

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The (even) more expensive version of the BMW iX xDrive50 model series is available for at least 98,000 euros, but the system output is 370 kW / 500 hp. As a result, the battery becomes more powerful and generates 100 kWh. While the optimum range for a small electric SUV is already adequate at 400 km, you can go up to 600 km with the noble iX 50 without recharging. That’s already on the level of combustion models like the X5, and BMW compares.

BMW: a new platform for three different driving technologies

The heavyweight BMW iX is not a step towards more sustainable (automatic) mobility, however, the luxury electric vehicle, which is controversial due to its “brutal college”, will find buyers mainly in continents such as Asia and North America. With the BMW i4, another electronic model will be launched this summer, which will be more interesting to the fans in Germany. On the other hand, there has been a pullback from the new entry-level electric model planned. An important decision regarding its sister brand Mini could play a role here.

However, the manufacturer assured that BMW will not ignore further development of internal combustion engines in the future either. The situation is not unwise: numerous examples show that the new generation of diesel engines definitely has the potential to reduce emissions and range of driving – including the BMW 7 Series, which we reported. In addition to electronic mobility and combustion engines (with hybrid drives), the new platform planned for 2025 should also enable hydrogen technology, CEO Oliver Zipsey has announced.

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The new BMW electric car: the next level of autonomous driving yet to be ignited

Two interesting aspects emerge regarding the inner workings of the BMW iX Innovation Vehicle: On the one hand, the next generation iDrive infotainment system must be mentioned, which outsource more data than before to the virtual cloud in order to deal with the increasing demands in terms of connectivity. Many services must be exchanged online continuously and provide passengers with an innovative driving experience with a high level of safety. For this purpose, functions such as steering and air conditioning are automatically allocated. In all likelihood, a new feature will find its way into the best-selling BMW 3 Series.

What about the subject of self-driving? A 5G modem is used to lift digital components, while automatic driving functions facilitate certain operations. However, unlike the original plans, autonomous driving is not used according to Level 3. This indicates that the automobile manufacturers are struggling to implement this technology, which has been praised as being future-oriented. Not to mention safety and liability concerns. (PF)

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