April 18, 2024


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Swiss AI technology is revolutionizing vertical wind turbines

Swiss AI technology is revolutionizing vertical wind turbines

MUNICH (IT BOLTWISE) – Vertical wind turbines are seeing a significant increase in efficiency and durability thanks to Swiss research and artificial intelligence technology.

Vertical wind turbines, also called vertical rotors, are characterized by their unusual wave shape and rotation around the vertical axis. Different shapes, from whisk-like to spiral designs, determine their effectiveness. Swiss researchers have now made decisive progress using an artificial intelligence algorithm to double the output of these wind turbines.

Despite their advantages, such as low noise emissions and high power density, vertical rotors have previously suffered from the phenomenon of dynamic stall, which overloads the rotor blades and damages them in strong gusts. The new AI-powered method addresses this problem by identifying optimal settings for the rotor blades, increasing efficiency by 200 percent while reducing vibrations stressing the structure by 77 percent.

The development of improved rotor blade profiles was based on measuring air force and other factors using sensors. The AI ​​algorithm simulated more than 3,500 profiles to combine the best for power generation and durability. This process allowed us to identify two optimal profiles that not only increase power output but also improve flexibility. The innovative concept in which the dynamic flow stall is used specifically to drive the rotor blades also promises better performance.

Although the results are promising, practical testing of this technology is still pending. However, vertical rotors with adjustable blades could show significantly improved performance in the future, which would greatly increase their appeal and applicability.

Swiss AI technology is revolutionizing vertical wind turbines
Swiss AI technology revolutionizes vertical wind turbines (Image: DALL-E, IT BOLTWISE)

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