May 21, 2024


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Chassis and transmission of the G 580 with EQ

Chassis and transmission of the G 580 with EQ

With the new electric G-Class, the off-road characteristics of the G-Class enter the era of electric mobility. In some areas it even outperforms conventionally powered models – for example in wading depth. The lead frame concept has been modified and enhanced for the electric model. The independent suspension combination with double wishbones at the front and solid axle at the rear remains the same.

The rear axle is a De Dion design and has been completely redeveloped. The electric motors are attached to the ladder frame and connected to the wheels via double cardan shafts. Advantage: The camber does not change during compression. Double cardan shafts transmit the driving force. There are sliding joints to compensate for the length. The following off-road values ​​speak for themselves:

  • Climbing ability up to 100% on suitable terrain
  • The ground clearance between the axles is not less than 250 mm
  • Maximum wading depth in water and mud paths is 850 mm
  • Stable when driving on slopes up to 35 degrees
  • The approach angle is 32 degrees at the front and 30.7 degrees at the rear
  • The slope angle is 20.3 degrees

The new electric G-Class is equipped with an adaptive damping system as standard, which is also used on conventionally powered model variants. Active dampers compensate for uneven ground better than passive dampers. This ensures greater off-road dominance. Through roll and roll stabilization, the system continuously regulates damping detection according to the driving situation and reduces body movements. Adaptive Damping System components are designed to handle extreme loads such as water splashes, wading, falling rocks and dirt.

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DYNAMIC ELECTRIC DYNAMIC SELECT: Additional driving program for increased efficiency

The characteristics of the new electric G-Class can be modified with the push of a button. ELECTRIC DYNAMIC SELECT changes the parameters of the engines, transmission, chassis, ESP® and steering on demand. Drivers can choose between “Comfort”, “Sport” and “Individual” on-road driving programmes. The “Comfort” drive program is the standard setup: the drive essentially controls just one axle, so drivers can optimize their consumption. Off-road programs “Trail” and “Rock” are also available. Selection is made easily using the ELECTRIC DYNAMIC SELECT switch.

Low range: the limit of off-roading for the new electric G-Class

The new Mercedes-Benz G 580 with EQ features a switchable low-range off-road gear ratio. Each motor close to the wheel has its own gearbox, which is centrally driven. This ensures the independence of the engines. There are two electric motors, their gearboxes and a dual inverter on each axis in a common housing. This creates a reduction in rough terrain which prepares the electric off-road vehicle for use on difficult terrain. It ensures maximum torque and clean temperature management. In addition, a high-range road driving mode is available, which ensures maximum range.

In the “Rock” drive programme, drivers can operate the LOW RANGE off-road gear ratio using the switch on the off-road control unit. This activates the reduction ratio (2:1), which increases engine torque. The driving behavior and response are then improved for aggressive trips on unpaved and difficult terrain with steep inclines and inclines. Top speed is limited to 85 km/h. The intelligent off-road crawling function turns on automatically and is always active.

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Images: Mercedes-Benz AG