May 21, 2024


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Open day and career day on May 3: specialized lectures on renewable energies and electric mobility, modern innovative solutions in automation technology and much more.

Open day and career day on May 3: specialized lectures on renewable energies and electric mobility, modern innovative solutions in automation technology and much more.

Anyone who has always wanted to know about the work being carried out by the Electrical Technology Center (ETZ) at the Allen site now has the opportunity to find out more. On the occasion of its 15th anniversary, the Education Center will open its doors on Felix-Wankel-Straße on May 3.

Allen – “Basically, we are responsible for all trades related to water and electricity,” says department director Fritz Staudacher, summarizing the tasks. Among other things, inter-company training in the field of electrical trade is conducted at ETZ – especially for electronics technicians in the field of energy and building technology. The educational center was established through an agreement between local unions, the Ulm Chamber of Crafts and the Stuttgart Electrical Union. Since Stuttgart also has an ETZ and management lies with the electrical union, the ETZ Aalen has access to the entire educational portfolio from Stuttgart. Currently 269 trainees from all years of training attend ETZ. They now have around 600 square meters of training rooms, breakout areas and offices at their disposal.

That's what ETZ does

The goal is to ensure that all trainees benefit from the same educational content, regardless of the company they work for. According to the legally prescribed framework curriculum, primarily technically advanced subjects are taught, including antenna and communications technology, building automation and control technology, renewable energies, energy conversion systems and lighting technology. “It's about applying the knowledge taught at the vocational school,” explains Staudacher: “The one-week groups, which are run several times during the training, focus on practice. The open day will demonstrate how many practical training and testing opportunities trainees find in this diverse profession.” Trainee support courses, journeyman exam preparation courses, and the final exams themselves are also held at ETZ Aalen.

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Seminars and additional training

In 2023, 796 participants took part in 88 different courses at ETZ Aalen – and this trend is rising sharply. For example, you could be trained as an electrician to perform specific tasks. Seminars are available on automation technology, photovoltaics, renewable energies, electric mobility and other current topics. In addition, ETZ offers company-specific seminars aimed exclusively at employees of the company in question. If desired, these seminars can also be held in clients' homes and focus specifically on conditions in the company in question.

The open day at ETZ is also a career day, where students have the opportunity to learn about different job profiles in the electrical trade.



Specialized lectures:

13:00 Interaction between renewable energies and electric mobility – Fritz Staudacher

1:45 PM: Lack of skilled labor and qualified electricians for specific tasks as an emergency solution? Who is allowed to do what? – Klaus Schumacher

2:30 PM: Modern innovative solutions in automation technology – Siegfried Gurken

Additional program points:

From 2 pm to 4 pm: Functional day about training students/teachers/parents

From 4 pm: We meet