May 21, 2024


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UQAT’s 15th Research Chair, 1st for the College of Engineering

Chair holder, Murad Nadeel, in particular, wants mining companies to be able to set new standards for safety and profitability, and will particularly rely on the emergence of 5G technology in mines.

The advantage of 5G in the millimeter system is the latency, and the response time is very low. In the millimeter range, it can be down to a millisecond, it’s like real time, Lets you know that.

Although the chair is guaranteed to work for five years, Murad Nadel believes he will be able to achieve results before this deadline.

In three years’ time, I hope we can offer something innovative and I hope it revolutionizes the mining industry in the region., He adds.

Long term work

It took more than 10 years of work for the corporate chair to develop new communication and automation technologies for smart mines.

This is the first research chair attached to the College of Engineering and the fifteenth chair of the university.

In particular, UQAT will be able to count on dual funding of $ 500,000.

Meglab and Télébec will each provide this amount, which guarantees five years of work, and in the end, the entire engineering department team will be called in to collaborate on the research.

Meglab is developing underground mining technologies. (Archives)

Photo: Courtesy CDIVD

For Meglab, the $ 500,000 will consist of half and half the human and financial resources.

Meglab and CEO Kim Valladee consider this partnership to be Let’s get a foothold in the future.

Collaboration with the university will allow us to sit down from the start of work to conduct research discussions and target research that will allow us to move forward in the search for the solution presented.Hopefully, she says, you’ll eventually be able to market some of these products

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Collaboration in the mining industry

The mining industry will also have to collaborate with the corporate chair in developing new communication and automation technologies for smart mines.

Moreover, UQAT President Vincent Rawson confirms this The industry has many expectations, especially because we have been working hand in hand with the mining industry for more than twenty years in the field of telecommunications.

The man is smiling at the camera.  He wears glasses.

Vincent Rawson, President of Qatar University for Insurance (archive)

Photo: Courtesy of UQAT / Louis Jalbert

We are talking about green mines, increasingly connected and 4.0 and deep, so the mining infrastructure is very important, so the chair will bridge the gap between developing new knowledge and application in the field, and the industry will closely follow our work and will also participate in various research projects., Determines.

There is a lot of talk about technological solutions, but the chair will also fill a training gap for researchers and professionals specializing in automation and wireless communications.

UQAT also wants to add another five years of business.