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IRW-News: Aberdeen International Inc .: T2M Global, technology partner at Aberdeen International (TSX: AAB, F: A8H, OTC: AABVF) has been selected by the US Department of Energy to use AES-100 technology to implement the new Open up to the $ 50 billion market To convert syngas to hydrogen

IRW-PRESS: Aberdeen International Inc .: T2M Global, Technology Partner at Aberdeen International (TSX: AAB, F: A8H, OTC: AABVF) has been selected by the US Department of Energy to use AES-100 technology to implement the new Open up to the $ 50 billion market To convert syngas to hydrogen

TORONTO, CANADA – April 15, 2021 – Aberdeen International Inc. (Aberdeen or Company) (TSX: AAB, FWB: A8H, OTC: AABVF) Announces new developments related to its recent acquisition of AES-100 Inc. From T2M Global (see press releases dated February 1, 2021, February 11, 2021, March 3, 2021, March 10, 2021 and April 8, 2021).

AES-100 was selected by the United States Department of Energy (DOE) for use in Hawaii Gas to provide overall efficiency for Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) production and recovery of pure hydrogen (fuel cell grade) from low purity synthesis gas waste flow improvement. The expected benefits are: (a) Improved natural gas production costs for Hawaiian gas. (B) Reducing the carbon footprint; (C) A new source of income from the sale of hydrogen in fast-growing markets for low-carbon fuels and industrial applications.

Benaken Patel, president of T2M Global, stated that Hawaii has the highest electricity rates in the United States (30 to 40 cents / kWh). Extracting hydrogen from so-called dilute stranded syngas could bring in new revenues from Hawaiian gas in the millions and make the company independent of electricity. It will also provide much-needed hydrogen for a growing fleet of fuel cell vehicles in Hawaii and for forklift trucks operated by Plug Power. “

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The project is expected to pave the way for AES-100 to enter the global market for converting dilute synthesis gas to hydrogen in excess of $ 50 billion: Hawaii Gas currently produces natural gas by cracking naphtha (a petroleum derivative); Then natural gas is used by more than a million customers for heating, cooking and energy. Natural gas production results in a waste stream that has a low hydrogen content (syngas). Using modular AES technology, which uses an electrochemical process to selectively separate high-purity hydrogen from this waste stream, Hawaiian gas will be able to develop a new source of income while improving the quality, energy and emission intensity of the existing natural gas production.

The project, funded by the Department of Energy, aims to demonstrate AES-100’s capabilities as a scalable solution, not only to improve systems efficiency and carbon dioxide balance – at a time when the energy sector is under increasing pressure to decarbonize – but also to align product supply with an expected 2.5 trillion hydrogen market. Dollars.


Aberdeen International is a global commodity investment company and commercial bank focused on small cap companies in the rare metals and renewable energy sectors. AES-100 Inc. , An Aberdeen investment portfolio, the exclusive rights and all intellectual property rights for T2M Global’s Advanced Electrolyzer System (AES-100) to produce hydrogen from Lute Synthetic Gas.

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