September 22, 2023


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The first gaming PC with RGB technology

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I’m looking for a configuration for a friend’s son for his first gaming PC.

I chose the AM5 for €1300 as my base tire. A budget of €1,500 has been provided. Unfortunately, there is no graphics card in the infrastructure… and it seems to have skyrocketed in the last few months/years(?)…
The short person also wants to have a lot of brightness (RGB) in it.

My list of misers so far:

oh well. Like I said, without the graphics card. So I won’t go any further.

1. Do you want to play on PC? If yes, what?
Minecraft, GTA 5, FIFA Football, Fortnite, Valorant, and whatever else young people love to play today. I think I’ll leave Starfield out for now. The requirements seem to be very high.

2. Do you want to use the computer to edit photos/music/videos or similar? As a hobby or are you a professional? What software will you use?

3. Do you have any special requirements or wishes (certain brands and manufacturers, overclocking, a particularly quiet computer, RGB lighting, …)?
It can be quiet with lots of RGB colours. You’ve already seen the Aquacomputer 360 Inking Unit here. Maybe there are other options too?
There may also be space for data, preferably 2TB.

4. How many screens do you want to use? Model, resolution and refresh rate (Hz)? G-Sync/FreeSync? How many FPS do you want to see?
There is a curved screen with an HDMI connection. Unfortunately, I did not receive any additional information… ^^

5. Do you still have an old computer, and some of its components can still be used?
no. Everything must be new.

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6. How much money do you want to spend?
1500 euros, if necessary, 200 euros can be added

7. When should I buy a computer?

8. Do you want to assemble the computer yourself or have it assembled (by the shop or by helpers (include as poster))?
Get yourself together.

9. Do you want to stream your content to your computer (eg via Twitch/OBS)? If yes – what games/content? Do you already have parts for a streaming setup? (Multiple monitors, microphone, camera, streaming surface, …)?
Streaming could become an option. I don’t know of any existing devices for this purpose. However, if the topic consumes too much budget, it can be excluded.

Thanks in advance for the support!
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