May 25, 2024


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Discord Issue: Your gaming service is having issues – you can do it now

Discord Issue: Your gaming service is having issues – you can do it now


Big panic in the gaming community: Discord is not working! You can find out what is already known about disruption here at Netzwelt.

Strife (Source: InkDropCreative/

Messenger Discord is experiencing issues on April 26, 2024. Users of the service are reporting issues to our bug reporter on PC and especially in voice chat. However, it appears that use on consoles like PS5 or Xbox is still working, as well as use via the website – at least there are no reports for these platforms. So, if you have the opportunity, try to get around via the browser.

This disruption has already been reported to Discord and He keeps you updated on his own website. It looks like the problem will only last a short while, so with luck nothing will stand in the way of a fun Friday evening on Discord.

So be patient and try again later. On this page, you can keep up with the progress of the deactivation.

Current Discord outage map

This outage map was last updated on April 26, 2024 at 8:29 p.m. You can find a newer version in our Discord bug report. We will also try to help you – as much as possible – in resolving the problem.

Disagreement problem map

Affected cities and regions

  • Berlin
  • Hamburg
  • Frankfurt am Main
  • Munich

The most common disorders

  • Other problems (3.13%)
  • Computer problems (42.53%)
  • Problems with PlayStation (1.62%)
  • Xbox problems (1.56%)
  • Login (1.16%)
  • Voice chat (43.46%)
  • Application (3.24%)
  • Website (0.81%)
  • Text messaging problems (0.52%)
  • Problems on Android (1.22%)
  • Issues on iOS (0.75%)

Report error

Error detector from

We constantly measure the availability of Discord servers and services and report any issues or crashes to you. Here you can find Discord's current error status, support addresses, and reports from the manufacturer about this issue. There you can also find out whether the disruption is a local or national issue.

You can always see current issues and issues in our bug editor. Here we list the top ISPs, network providers, online gaming and streaming services. You can also use our speed test to check if there is a problem with your line.

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