May 21, 2024


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Bazzite 3.0: Gaming Linux update improves support for Steam Deck OLED, Legion Go, Asus ROG Ally and other mobile devices

Bazzite 3.0: Gaming Linux update improves support for Steam Deck OLED, Legion Go, Asus ROG Ally and other mobile devices

Bazzite Linux is a custom Fedora Atomic desktop image that aims to replace Windows as a gaming-oriented operating system. With the Release of Bazett 3.0 It improves support for a range of mobile devices and adds important updates to the platform itself.

Bazzite 3.0 brings the move to Fedora 40 and Linux kernel release 6.8, enabling, among other things, better power management and higher performance on new CPUs such as the Intel Core Ultra series and GPUs such as Intel Arc iGPUs. Additionally, support for a number of new game consoles and other gaming devices is improved, including the Steam Deck and OLED Deck.

Along with the kernel update, there are new Nvidia and AMD drivers to improve gaming performance and take advantage of new features like the upcoming Wayland explicit synchronization protocol for Nvidia GPUs, which was also recently added to System76's Cosmic DE.

Bazzite 3.0 now comes with KDE Plasma 6 and Gnome 46, allowing the image to work with the latest desktop environments and enabling features like desktop tearing and HDR support for games. Additionally, X11 support has been removed except for Nvidia images, likely in part to allow for HDR support and image size optimization.

There are also a number of patches and updates to the software bundled in Bazzite 3.0, which comes pre-installed with Steam, Lutris and Discord by default, while tools such as Deky Loader, EmuDeck, RetroDECK and ProtonUp-Qt can optionally be installed during installation.

In terms of hardware, the Bazzite 3.0 changelog explicitly mentions improved support for the Lenovo Legion Go (Currently 799 euros on Amazon) and Asus ROG Ally (The version with Z1 Extreme is currently 629 euros on Amazon). The portable daemon and overlay in Bazzite 3.0 now has built-in TDP settings and controller emulation settings for quick adjustments without having to resort to SteamUI via Decky.

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The Bazzite 3.0 also supports a partial Steam Deck OLED, which was previously incompatible with the OS. Bazzite 3.0 can now be installed and played on the Steam Deck OLED, but it appears to be an experience with bugs and issues. The developers promise to fix these issues in the next update. However, so far HDR works mostly on Steam Deck OLED, with a few games not working with HDR on Bazzite Linux.

In addition to the previously mentioned Steam Deck OLED and mobile devices from Lenovo and Asus, Bazzite 3.0 now fully supports Ayn Loki Zero and Ayn Loki Max, while the Oneexplayer X1 is partially functional.