July 14, 2024


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A gamer buys a gaming laptop for €1,000, but instead gets a model that costs more than €5,000

A gamer buys a gaming laptop for €1,000, but instead gets a model that costs more than €5,000

Sometimes it happens that Amazon or other providers send too many goods, and then a few people are happy about “too much”. One player has now received a €5,000 laptop, even though he asked for something completely different.

Some people may be familiar with this: You order a package from Amazon and when you open it you realize that there is quite a lot in the box. One player recently received 10 RAMs instead of just one, and another player received 10 SSDs instead of one.

Now a gamer reported that a friend ordered a new laptop. But the device he actually received is worth 5 times that amount.

The player gets the wrong notebook and checks his account in a panic

One gamer wanted to buy a new laptop while on the go. Because he travels a lot for work and wants to gamble a little at the hotel. Finally, he ordered a gaming laptop for about 1,000 euros. When a friend helped him set it up, he realized he had the wrong device. This immediately caused panic among buyers (trans reddit.com):

When I saw him pull out the laptop, I immediately knew it wasn’t what he ordered. It turns out that MSI had sent him a Titan GT77, a $5,000 laptop. He panicked for a few minutes while searching for his order, and both his receipt and bank statement show he paid $999 to MSI.

Needless to say, he’s on the moon, and I’m completely amazed. I’ve had a few shipping errors to my credit (and a few RMA requests that resulted in upgrades), but I’ve never had anything close to this specialty.

Several people in the thread explain that similar things happened to them:

  • One person’s order for a gaming chair was canceled twice, but both chairs were delivered to him.
  • Another ordered an iPad and accidentally got another one.
  • Another asked for a ladder and got a dehumidifier instead.
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Mistakes like this happen time and time again in the mail order business and people are rather happy about the extra merchandise.

Sellers always notice that the goods are missing

Do salespeople understand this? The excuse of these “lucky ones” for doing nothing and keeping the goods in silence is often that no one knows anyway that they have been over-delivered. So why report merchandise that no one knows about anyway?

Vendors or service providers often protect themselves from such errors. For example, parcels are weighed and it can already be seen here that the parcels sent are very heavy. Or sooner or later the error will appear in the reservation system. Especially expensive models are often locked.

So it is not unlikely that the €5,000 model is also insured and that MSI will notice when an expensive high-end model, which is sold less frequently, suddenly disappears.

So, don’t rely too much on your “luck” and don’t spend too much time enjoying devices that don’t belong to you.

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Problems with returns: Sellers like Amazon aren’t always helpful or helpful when it comes to returns. This is shown through the story of the family man. Because he got the wrong GPU on Amazon, but the seller refused to refund:

Gamer buys a graphics card from Amazon, receives a counterfeit product – the retailer refuses to refund the money until the “real” item is returned.

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