June 23, 2024


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Steelseries Releases Capture Program - Share Your Gigi Moments

Steelseries Releases Capture Program – Share Your Gigi Moments

SteelSeries, Today introduces SteelSeries Moments, a new free software service that makes sharing gaming video clips easier and faster than ever.

Before the moments began, players had very few opportunities to easily capture highlights in the game and share them with friends. Historically, they required technical knowledge to record video, or had to use time-consuming and expensive video editors, or upload clips to third-party sites rather than directly to social sites and communities. Transforms all of the moments by creating a vision that allows players to quickly and easily share their famous moments on stage of their choice.

For over twenty years, SteelSeries has pushed the boundaries of innovation in gaming hardware and created many gaming and sports premieres. Comes with moments SteelSeries Dedication to quality products for games in incomparable design and software. Now every player can share their greatest achievements and epic defeats with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Free to download and integrate with SteelSeries GG, the brand’s newly released software platform. Moments operate in the background, and do not allow players to choose between game performance or game capture standards. Additionally, players do not need to use the Steels Series keyboard or mouse to use the moments.

How to use the moments

  • Clip – Uses custom hotspots to easily capture game highlights when they occur. It offers both gaming and screen recording options, as well as the ability to record clips while streaming. Moments work with all the best video games and the three largest GPU manufacturers, and automatically record the gameplay without delay.
  • Edit – After a game, the player can easily review and order all the clips recorded in the moment gallery. The Advanced Application Video Editor allows you to edit start and end projects without any hassle and add video effects such as text overlays and GP to GIFs. Additionally, players can always return to the clip they originally created.
  • Share – Moments allows players to upload their clips directly to YouTube and Gfycat. Other options include dragging on other channels or live messages (TM), including Discord, Reddit, Twitter and Facebook. More channels coming soon.
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Steelseries Moments

In addition to manual clipping, SteelSeries’ new software service provides advanced automated clipping with GameSense for the world’s most popular games such as League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Tota 2. Available soon for automatic cutting. During each game session, the highlight moments based on the game events are automatically saved and generate event markers in the player’s video timeline for post-game editing and sharing.

“As the world’s leading provider of gaming and sports equipment, the SteelSeries software environment is a natural extension of our hardware and ultimately enhances the ability of every player to push the limits of genius and feel like a star,” said Etisham Rabbani, CEO of SteelSeries. “Our goal is to continue to challenge the status quo, to innovate and design world-class, award-winning hardware and software and to give players fame.

Moments that facilitate community gaming have been tested and transformed in partnership with our community, including professional sports teams and gamers, video game streamers and influencers, and hosting public beta and open call clip tournaments.

Moments are currently available for Windows 7 or higher and are compatible with Intel i5-2000, AMD FX-4000 or newer CPUs. The new software is compatible with Nvidia GeForce 960, AMD Radeon HD 7870, Intel HD 4000 or newer graphics cards. Clips are stored on the player’s hard drive. At least 500MB hard drive space, 2GB video RAM and 8GB RAM are recommended to create a large library of highlighted videos. Fully integrated with the products of the SteelSeries family, Moments allows gamers to easily set up clip-it hotspots, an award-winning line of SteelSeries keyboards and mice.

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