June 25, 2022


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OPPO Reno5 A attracts waterproof performance.However, be careful how you use it - OPPO Lab

OPPO Reno5 A attracts waterproof performance.However, be careful how you use it – OPPO Lab

OPPO Reno5 A, whose subsequent model is expected to be announced on June 16,Waterproof and dustproof performanceWith a smartphone that hasOne of the points of the Reno5 AIt is too.

It’s already been a year since the sale began, but the other day OPPO JapanRe-attractive waterproof performanceshe did. On the other hand, even waterproof smartphones need to be handled with care.

OPPO “Reno5 A has the highest level of water resistance”

On June 9, OPPO Japan updated its official Twitter account in response to the rainy season in some regions of Japan.Emphasize the waterproof performance of OPPO Reno5 Ashe did.

The water resistance level of Reno5 A is the highest of IPX8, with a pictureAppeal that it has high water resistanceshe did.

On the other hand, regarding the performance that IPX8 refers to, “This means that there is no problem to function as a smartphone when the mobile phone is immersed in tap water at a depth of 1.5 meters at room temperature, left for about 30 minutes and then taken out.It also states that it is in a normal temperature environment.

OPPO draws attention to waterproof smartphones in the past

OPPO Reno5 Users who viewed this OPPO Japan Tweet replied that it is useful when taking a shower.

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But as Obo wrote in a tweet,Waterproof performance is designed based on tap water at room temperatureLast year, OPPO released the precautions for waterproof terminals.

The contents are posted to be careful about the act of exposing to steam when showering and using in locations with high temperatures and high humidity.The fully waterproof performance may not be displayed for improper use.It said.


It seems likely that the new OPPO Reno A announced on the 16th of this month will also support the water resistance function, but it is not limited to OPPO.It should be used with caution on any waterproof smartphone.

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