June 13, 2024


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PlayStation Talents Portugal Awards - Meet the Winners of the 6th Edition of Computers

PlayStation Talents Portugal Awards – Meet the Winners of the 6th Edition of Computers

Today another edition of the PlayStation Talents Awards, in its sixth edition, aims to discover the best talent and video game projects developed in Portugal. The awards were announced during the PlayStation Mode project, which had to be done in digital form this year due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

The 10 finalists of the awards were shown, which, according to talent coordinator SAPO TEK Ricardo Correa, made a small change, forcing all participants to check the buildings / vertical pieces that could be operated. “In quality, there is a huge evolution in different genres. The positive difficulty in finding winners in such good games is a sign of the maturity of the PS skills program, but also of the developmental courage in Portugal,” says the coordinator.

Check out the 10 finals for the awards:

  • Evil below (Fabio Barbosa / Jose Ortega): The sounds we emit while breathing or talking into a microphone act as a warning to the enemies around us.
  • Lighto (Trochi Studio): A platform puzzle with multi-level dynamics, creating the resolution of each stage fluid.
  • Just (Bedroom): Adventure game with colorful world built using Vox.
  • Detective Philadelphia (Cinema Shark Productions): A point game of the first person we investigate a murder involving the protagonist’s best friend.
  • Mia: Unhappy Forever (Pertuvos Games): A puzzle platform that deals with the theme of domestic violence and abusive relationships.
  • Carreto (MA Studios): An editing puzzle-platform that illustrates the tradition of the ancient Portuguese festival in northern Portugal.
  • Spire (Fungal Network): A first-person game with shooting and puzzle-solving elements using hacking mechanics.
  • Pity (Grain Games): An action RPG with police elements created with pixel art inspired by a Nair movie environment.
  • Color black (DeadCoolKids): A third party storytelling game that explores the suffering and depression associated with the divorce process.
  • 63 small pieces (Samuel Sousa): Challenging puzzle game in which we slide the cubes.
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The winner of this year’s Games was presented by Liliana Laport and George Huckett, Director General and Marketing Director for PlayStation Portugal and Iberia and the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Balkan regions.

The big winner of the PlayStation Prize for Best Game will have the opportunity to watch his game released for the PlayStation 4, which has reached more than 113 million consoles worldwide, and will receive 10,000 10,000 for video development, work on the project for 10 months in Lisbon, marketing and a PlayStation worth $ 50,000 A PS4 development kit.

Some of the previous winners, including Stykers Edge, Virac, KEO, Pack Honey and Out of Line, have submitted more than 300 projects in six years so far.

Meet all prize winners:

  • PlayStation Talent Award for Best Game –
  • PlayStation Talent Award for Most Innovative Game –
  • PlayStation Talent Award for Best Art –
  • PlayStation Talent Award for Best Use of PlayStation Sites –
  • PlayStation Talent Award for Best Kids Game –
  • PlayStation Talents Press Award – JUST
  • PlayStation Talent Award for Best Online Competitive Game –
  • New PlayStation Talent Award for Best Story

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