July 20, 2024


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Nintendo Switch – Teaches you programming through a video game workshop on news

Nintendo Switch – Teaches you programming through a video game workshop on news

Announced for June 11 at. 29.99, Video Game Workshop Apparently targets inexperienced viewers looking for an introduction to the basics of video game design. It is by following the interactive lessons of the creatures called Nodan one by one Video Game Workshop Wants to make games as fun and accessible as possible to children and parents. Between the two subjects, the user tests his knowledge by solving specific tasks or small puzzles.

Once you are comfortable with the basics, players go into free programming mode where players can create anything and easily switch from programming screen to game screen. Video Game Workshop A simple joy-con, switch pro controller or switch light can be accessed directly, but a mouse can be connected to the switch docking station’s USB port. Let’s add that his works can be exchanged via the internet or local connection, as well as notice how it is designed to help you understand how someone else’s game works.

Nodons are personality creatures that help you create your games from scratch. Each of them has dozens of unique characters that you can combine in different ways to create games in the video game workshop. For example, you can create and move a human figure with a stick by attaching the Nodan stick to the Nodan Bonhome! You will learn the basics of programming in a fun and intuitive way and also learn how to create all kinds of games like side-scrolling platform games, racing games or space shooting games.!“, Explains Nintendo’s statement.