May 27, 2024


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The PlayStation 5 may undergo an internal redesign

The PlayStation 5 may undergo an internal redesign

With no stock for the past few months, the PlayStation 5 may need to be redesigned.

As you’ve definitely noticed, this is one of the pieces of the PlayStation 5 Hardware Players are highly anticipated. This contagion is a major culprit, preventing millions of players from enjoying Sony’s new generation consoles.

There were some interesting comments In Sony’s annual revenue report, this refers to the PlayStation 5 production, and the issues that plagued it: “Semiconductor shortages are one factor, but there are other factors that affect production volume,” said CFO Hiroki Totoki before Sony added. There are ways to deal with this, “for example, we can find a secondary feature or change the design”.

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This is a very valuable claim of Totoki, which can capture a glimpse into how tense the demand for semiconductor components is for Sony’s new console. Manufacturer AMD has previously revealed that the lack of semiconductor components needed to make the PlayStation 5 is nothing new, and above all, due to a lack of similar components, continued difficulty is expected in the coming months.

Of course, Totoki does not represent a massive change to the already known PlayStation 5 design. Instead of talking about converting the console design to a fundamentally significant level, CFO optimizes the transition to the company’s own internal project console. For production, there will thus be an increase in the availability of semiconductor parts in the distant future.

The next three generations of consoles from Sony and Microsoft will be difficult to buy for months. In both the United Kingdom and the United States, Scholars They have repeatedly demanded thousands and thousands of units.

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