December 1, 2022


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How the Marie Kondo technique improves quality of life at home and at work

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Marie Kondo is a Japanese sociologist and author of several books on spatial organization. Kondo has been interested in the home working environment since childhood. The technologies developed by it have become so popular that they are widely used not only at home, but also at work. Workplace Not only to put things in order in the office, but also to accompany all this with pleasant emotions.

What’s Mary’s secret? After all, many authors have written books on organizing, but who got famous for it?

One of the secrets in feeling. Since Marie isn’t just about regular cleaning, she’s developed a whole philosophy. Her method stands at the interface between a sense of order and psychology. Kondo not only introduced an effective system for arranging and storing things, but also rituals that help to understand if something is needed or has become superfluous over time.

Sparks of joy

Mary studies:

  • How to fold
  • How to store
  • how to throw away what you don’t need,
  • How to say goodbye to what needs to be thrown away.

When getting rid of unnecessary things, many give up: it is not always clear what needs to be left and what needs to be thrown away. Kondo believes that the things kept in the house should evoke only positive emotions. So you suggest choosing an item and listening to yourself. Do you feel a spark of joy? If there is no such feeling, then you should thank the thing and say goodbye.

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The basic principles of the KonMari method can be summarized as follows:

  • Clean once so you never have to do it again.
  • The retreat should not take place by room but by the categories of objects
  • Item storage is organized so that each item can be easily returned to its place after use,
  • Whatever is left at home (or at work) should bring joy.

Clean by category

The KonMari method suggests that things should be put in order once and for all. The order is not made by room, but by category. The organization and storage of things is also based on this principle.

for example,

  • All clothes must be in the closet.
  • cosmetics in the dresser,
  • Books on the shelf.

The KonMari method means you clean once so you don’t have to do it again.

The ranking is done in the following categories one by one:

  1. dress,
  2. shoes,
  3. Wrote
  4. documents,
  5. personal items, cosmetics, household items and products,
  6. Sentimental objects (toys, postcards, children’s crafts).

Get rid of everything superfluous

Then the most difficult stage begins: you have to get rid of everything you don’t need. The method is to get rid of the owner of the negative emotions that may arise in the process. When you decide the fate of this or that thing in the house, you should check yourself with the question: does this thing bring me joy? If the answer is no, they thank the thing and leave it (i.e. throw it away).

To make the parting process easier, Mary recommends sticking to the following:

  • Put all the things of a category in one place,
  • Before you start tidying up, imagine the lifestyle you aspire to. Then it will be easier for you to decide which things to leave behind and which are useless;
  • Make sure to arrange your space first (room, bedroom, office, workspace, closets, etc.).
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So there are rules for everything, including books, documents, etc.


Mary offers a tactic for deciding what to throw away. To do this, you must answer the following questions:

  • Do you feel a “spark of joy” from owning this thing?
  • What is the significance of this purchase?
  • Have you worn this dress and how often?
  • Did this purchase work for you?

Mary believes that every item in our lives should serve a purpose, whether it’s the joy of buying it or a valuable lesson about what not to buy. If the role has already been fulfilled, the thing can be released with gratitude. Thus Mary teaches how to fold and store things, how to dispose of them, and how to say goodbye. There is a lot that makes her method different from regular cleaning.


So, according to the Marie Kondo method, everyone can learn to optimize the space in which they live, work, rest, and so on. In this way, the entire life space is optimized.

So our conclusion is:

  • Maintaining order by putting things together and moving them around,
  • Throw away unnecessary
  • through things More convenient replacement (such as office supplies),
  • Do all this so that practical feelings accompany you.

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In addition to being unnecessary, things can also be inconvenient, whether at home or in the office. For example, this schedule can be uncomfortable and it’s time to say goodbye to and with someone Adjustable desk height Not only to improve the workplace and make it more comfortable, but also to bring joy and pleasure to all this. So that you want to go to work, and not dream every day that the work will end as soon as possible (as it was before). People spend most of their active lives at work, so it is very sad when this part of life passes with a constant desire to finish as soon as possible. MariKondo technologies solve this problem in an interesting way.

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It turns out that in life you move from a bad place (work) to a good place (home). This is the case for many people. The result of applying MariKondo techniques can be the following: the employee returns from one good place (work) to another good place (home), as this person has optimized all these spaces in which he is. Then the quality of life improves a lot, which means that you become happier in general.

So why should we miss such an opportunity to put everything in order and thus become happier? Let’s get started right away!