Xiaomi is known for its willingness to experiment. But the smartphone manufacturer has not yet been able to get rid of one thing – the front camera in the display. But with a new idea, it could happen now. However, the idea isn’t entirely new. Other manufacturers have had them before. Xiaomi has already used it in its Redmi mobile phones.

Xiaomi is developing a pop-up camera for smartphones

While most smartphone manufacturers currently hide the front camera invisibly under the display, Xiaomi could take a different approach. According to a patent that has now surfaced, the Chinese company could use it in some smartphones in the future Put the pop-up camera. So the front camera won’t be mounted above or in the display, but will slide out from the top if you need it (source: Ithom).

With a relatively complex mechanism using several gears, the front camera will move slightly at the top and disappear again. The idea isn’t entirely new. that’s sweet OnePlus 7 Pro He had a retractable camera. Even if the mechanism works well and you have a full surface display at your disposal, the technology is once again buried in the back. It just didn’t hold up in the long run. Although there is a mechanism to fall. If the phone is dropped, the camera will automatically retract to avoid damage.

As always, it’s unclear if Xiaomi is patenting the technology just to secure it, or if it will actually be used in a smartphone. with the Redmi K20 Pro phone Xiaomi has even launched its own smartphone with a pop-up camera. It is not known why this new patent has now appeared. Maybe you like Refined technology And it works better.

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The current top smartphone from Xiaomi was shown in the video:

Xiaomi 13 is coming soon

So, as Xiaomi works on its next smartphone idea, we stand with it Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro are two new high-end smartphones. They will be introduced this year and have a particularly good performance.