December 1, 2023


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Fuel and mobile service cards DKV: conversion to new chip technology

Fuel and mobile service cards DKV: conversion to new chip technology

DKV Mobility has begun converting its fuel and service cards to NFC chip technology. What advantages do customers have and why the system also works offline.

Thanks to NFC (=near field communication) technology, in the future DKV Mobility customers will be able to issue their utility bills contactlessly by holding the card a few centimeters away from the terminal. Server issues at checkout should also become a thing of the past, as the smart card works offline. If the cash register system is unable to establish a connection to the billing server, the customer can still pay their bill because the transaction is authorized via the chip.

Safety in focus

According to the company, the introduction of chip technology ensures better protection against counterfeiting. The first smart cards are being launched in the Netherlands and are now ready for use in a selected supplier network. DKV Mobility plans to switch to chip technology in other countries and other card products. “We assume that magnetic tape will become less important in the future,” emphasizes Sven Meiringer, Managing Director of Energy and Vehicle Services.

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