May 25, 2024


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ARKit: This is how Apple's augmented reality technology works

ARKit is the name of Apple's augmented reality technology and is an integral part of its mobile operating system iOS 11 for iPhones and co.

ARKit as an AR framework for app developers

ARKit is Apple's augmented reality (AR) technology. Augmented reality describes augmented reality in which the digital and real worlds are connected through real-time interactions.

  • ARKit comes from Apple and uses sensors to create what is known as optical inertial (VIO) accelerometers. Data received via the camera are evaluated and compared with data received from the gyroscope (position and rotation) and accelerometer sensor.
  • This calculates the movement and orientation of the smart device in the room and displays virtual overlays in the context of the room and perspective in the camera image.
  • Apple's ARKit has the advantage that it is an integral part of its mobile operating system iOS 11. Thus, your own and third-party apps have access to all the functions of augmented reality. With ARKit, app developers have the opportunity to add augmented reality experiences to their apps and games.
  • One drawback is that ARKit can only be used with devices that use the iOS operating system, i.e. only Apple devices iPhone or IPAD.

ARKit makes a lot of things possible – for example, going on adventures with your favorite characters

ARKit was announced by Apple at the 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) and launched later in the year as part of iOS 11 for the newer iPhones and iPads.

  • ARKit features include basic building blocks to “find horizontal surfaces such as floors or table tops”, “place virtual objects in real size” or “bring the lighting condition/illumination of virtual objects closer to the real environment”.
  • ARKit can be used, among other things, to discover designs of virtual buildings or remote places. Fitting rooms should be made possible using technology as well as playing with virtual pets.
  • It is also possible to transform well-known and popular characters from books, films or video games into playmates and companions in virtual adventures.
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