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Edifier Hecate G5000 Test – Gaming Audio 2.0 with Hi-Res Audio?

Edifier Hecate G5000 Test – Gaming Audio 2.0 with Hi-Res Audio?

Today we're testing the Edifier Hecate G5000 speaker system. 3 years ago we had an Edifier G2000 (for testing) A really interesting 2.0 gaming headphone system in the test, which impressed us above all with its versatility (even outside of gaming) for less than 100 euros. Of course, Edifier hasn't just built on its gaming speakers, it's expanded the range and recently named it 'Hecate'. With Edifier Hecate G5000 we tested the flagship of the manufacturer's gaming series. It is served in addition Also versatile 88W RGB lighting, HD sound quality and versatile connectivity options for less than €300. Is the G5000 worth the extra fee compared to the G2000 for less than €100? Find out in our test here!

Edifier Hecat G5000 Gaming 2 e1714680296864

Design and workmanship

%family name%family nameEdifier especially advertises its unique design with 11 built-in devices wooden planks For each speaker with Aluminum side panels. The two speakers of the Edifier Hecate G5000 sound system deliver massive, powerful sound. Black and greyFuturistic design. The wood of the speaker's frame is hidden beneath the aluminum surface – unfortunately you can't see or feel the wood. With all 22 x 19 x 27 centimetres And weight 4.1 kg They are very bulky and heavy. Please don't underestimate the dimensions of the two speakers – if you have a narrow table and already have a monitor on it, the sound system may be too spacious for you. On my country Fits a 1.2 meter wide table One The 27 inch screen is barely on.

The front of the speakers is especially noticeable Hexagonal design With a rough RGB light strip on the outside and extending across it on both sides. In the middle of the speakers there is 32 watt speaker Below and Twitter 12 watts. Previously, Hecate's gray and black bull's eye emblem still adorns the decor. The “Hi-Res” label indicates that we are dealing with an audio system that should also please audiophile listeners.

The sides of the speakers are the same. In addition to the “Gaming” lettering, which is illuminated with the same RGB lighting as the front, the angular design has also been retained. The width of the speaker decreases towards the back. This means that the back is slightly smaller.

The back of the Edifier Hecate G5000 speakers is designed differently. The left speaker has a 3cm wide bass reflex tube and cooling fins in the upper area. At the bottom is an 11-pin plug to connect the right speaker. The audio system connections are located on the back of the soundbar. The G5000 offers one A coaxial port, an auxiliary input, a USB port, and even an optical input. The power switch is also located on the back.

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The top is also important for just the right speaker. On the side there is a power button (short press to switch between sources), a volume button and another multi-function button that controls the sound mode and RGB lighting (short press to change equalizer, long press to change lighting). LEDs above the buttons provide information about the input source and equalizer being used. There are only 4 rubber feet on the bottom.

The RGB lighting on the front, right, bottom and left sides can be adjusted as follows. the Lighting can be available in 12 types (Red, green, blue, purple, vibrant colors and two color changing modes) hiring Or turn it off. The RGB lighting is not a cheap Chinese copy where each LED is individually visible. All LED strips and illuminated letters are beautifully and evenly lit.

Edifier Hecate G5000 scope of delivery

The scope of delivery of Edifier Hecate G5000 is wide. The speakers are delivered in two soft fabric covers and are fully protected by the Styrofoam included in the packaging.

  • Optical cable 70 cm
  • USB cable 1.5 meters long
  • 2m 11-pin connection cable for connecting speakers
  • AUX cable, 1 meter long
  • 1.5m DC power cable
  • Multilingual instruction manual and various Hecate stickers

Scope of delivery Edifier Hecate G5000 4Scope of delivery Edifier Hecate G5000 4

Structure and operation

Edifier gaming speakers can be quickly removed from their high-quality soft cloth cover and set up. To turn it on, you actually only need the power cable and the 11-pin connection cable for the left speaker. The cable is about 2 meters long, which determines the maximum distance of the speaker. This is certainly more than enough for gaming and watching TV, considering that the 85-inch TV is about 1.9 meters wide. Edifier Hecate G5000 can already be connected to many devices via Bluetooth aptX-HD with high sound quality communicate. There are options available for cable connection USB-A port, COAX port, and optical port to High definition playback available. You can also use devices via AUX cable communicate.

Design and manufacture of Edifier Hecate G5000 13Design and manufacture of Edifier Hecate G5000 13

To turn on the sound system, press the left button above the right speaker. The sound of ball lightning coupled with a strange and somewhat boring English voice muttering to itself, along with the colorful illuminated interface, indicates that the audio system is ready for operation.

The sound, which takes some getting used to, guides you through the different inputs when you press the right button on the control. Sometimes the process is very complicated if you want to jump to a specific input source. Here is a summary of the process:

  • Long left button: on and off switch
  • Briefly left button 1x: Change input signal (between USB-A, socket, coaxial, optical input and Bluetooth)
  • Briefly right button 1x: Change the sound mode between games, movies and music
  • Right button briefly 2x: Change the lighting or lighting mode (red, green, blue, violet, pulsating with respective colors and two color changing modes)
  • Long right button: turn on/off lighting
  • Volume rocker: volume control
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IMG 20240505 212651 Rotate e1714938224669IMG 20240505 212651 Rotate e1714938224669

Bluetooth It will be out of release 5.0 supports. The Bluetooth connection was always stable, even when I changed rooms using my playback device. Edifier supports Hecate G5000 SBC, aptX and AAC codecs, But also the HD codec AptX-HD.

It is a pity that Edifier There is no app or manual controls to configure G5000 sound system. It would have been a good option to create the color or lighting modes yourself, or even make the lighting brighter or darker depending on the audio input level. I also find that adjusting equalizers is a novelty in many in-app audio solutions these days. But the (adjustable) standby mode was also really practical and contemporary. with Power consumption 6W (3W without LED-Lighting) The speakers don't take much, but I was often annoyed when I forgot to turn off the speakers.

The sound quality of the Edifier Hecate G5000

Edifier praised the G5000's sound quality, calling it a “groundbreaking audio configuration.” High resolution certificate And better and richer game details to deliver an immersive gaming experience. The speakers are also tilted upward by 10 degrees, allowing for a better listening experience at the gaming table. Operates at maximum resolution 24 bit at 192 kHz. The Edifier Hecate G5000 system has a total output power of 88 wattsEach speaker measures 116 mm 32 watt speaker (with Kevlar membrane) and one 12 watts Strong 19mm titaniumLoudspeaker Not equipped. These appear to be high-quality components that hopefully serve their purpose – which is to deliver really good sound. I can mostly confirm that.

Edifier Hecate G5000 RGB 21 DesignEdifier Hecate G5000 RGB 21 Design

In default Music mode It is Hecate G5000 Very natural and understandable, no matter whether you are playing music or watching movies. the The treble sounds clear and balancedThe bass fits well after a few hours of playing and is not overemphasized. In fact, the Edifier Hecate G5000, like its siblings, has to be operated a bit because it's quite heavy to begin with. After that, the lows are there, but not too heavy, and the sound system sounds good in this mode Really warm and balanced. This mode may not be very suitable for dialogue-heavy games with a lot of effects, because when playing “Horizon: Forbidden West” on the basic setting, the effects overshadow some of the dialogue. But I haven't noticed this in this mode in strategy games or quiet history games. If you feel the same, you can either adjust individual sound settings for games or change the sound mode of your speakers.

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If you notice in movies or games that the dialogue is swallowed up by some effects, try that Game type Edifier Hecate G5000. he Strengthens the dialogue a little It still delivers a very natural sound experience. In addition, the bass is slightly increased compared to Music mode. So, if you like deep music, then Game Mode is the one for you. For me, Game Mode is the first equalizer that I find really practical. Most of the time, the preset equalizers for speakers or headphones sound pretty bad to me.

Unfortunately, this applies to him too Movie mode. This sound mode works in all scenarios More unnatural and somewhat distorted. The G5000 played dialogue a little muted in this mode. The ambient noise already seemed greatly exaggerated. The music is not enjoyable in this mode.

Edifier Hecat G5000 RGB Design 22 1Edifier Hecat G5000 RGB Design 22 1

Speaking of oversteering: here comes the Edifier Hecate G5000 From 78 dB(A) (equivalent to the size of a drill or truck) It's no longer in the bass range And from Very loud 85 dB(A) (corresponds to the size of hair dryer or lawn mower) Distortion of heights Notable in music and games. These are excellent values ​​and so is the G5000 Very stable Also suitable as a playback device for a party at home.

Overall, I now use the Edifier Hecate G5000 more for gaming and listening to music than the Teufel Concept E 5.1 ​​sound system. In the past, I quickly had problems with the latter in my rented apartment due to the loudspeaker (although it has now been turned down to a minimum) and I now enjoy listening to my favorite songs on Deezer with high, slightly louder sound quality on the Edifier Hecate G5000. They really deliver a well-rounded, balanced sound and are perfect for a desk or gaming table thanks to their slightly raised operating angle (10 degrees). A clever feature that makes the sound more immersive and full, as the speakers are at an almost perfect angle to the ears. If you need more depth, unfortunately you won't be able to connect an additional subwoofer to the Edifier Hecate G5000.