“How does that fit together?” – The first question many Rainbow Six players think when they first look at the latest skins coming to Ubisofts tomorrow, Thursday, should be couched this way or the tactical shooter will maintain it.

The two alternative outfit packages for SAS Smoke and Sledge Players have been created in collaboration with those responsible for Rick and Morty. Anyone who knew the series would already guess how alien skins should appear in a very serious FPS – and that is exactly what it is.

At its premiere today, Ubisoft will present “Pickle Rick” Smoke and “Gromflomite” -Sledge. Both versions of Rick and Morty Operator will be available in bundles starting tomorrow.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six – Packet Trailer for Rick and Morty

In the video, you get the impression of smoke, reminiscent of a decomposing mouse, as well as a futuristic sled including the amazing mask.

How do you prefer the two new customer packages? Do you think the crossovers are cool or do you prefer not to see such weird shapes in tactical shooter?


How do you like the new skins?x