May 31, 2023


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10 free games for Android for a limited time

We usually come with this type of list on the weekend, but promotions and offers on the Google Play Store keep popping up in bulk. The offering of games for Android is so great that programmers don’t have a chance, not offering their work completely free for a limited time.

As usual, all the games on this list usually have a premium sticker, but if you don’t waste much time, they can be installed on your smartphone without spending a single cent. Plus, it’s worth noting that once installed, it will be yours forever. So you have nothing to lose.

It is true that not all offers will be “your beach”, but you will definitely be able to find some games that will provide you with a few hours of fun.

10 Free Android Games on Google Play Store

1. Slenderman Rhee (0.59 euros)

2. Shadow of Naught – Interactive Story Adventure (€ 2.99)

Shadow of Naught - Google play store for an interactive story adventure

3. Speed ​​Math 2018 – Pro (0.79 euros)

Speed ​​Math 2018 - Free Premium Pro Game

4. Superhero Robot Premium: Hero Fight – Offline RPG (0.59 euros)

Superhero Robot Premium: Hero Fight - Offline RPG

5. Block Puzzle Classic (without ads) (€ 2.19)

Block Puzzle Classic (without ads)

6. Dungeon Corporation P: (Autopilot RPG Game) (1.79 euros)

Dungeon Corporation P: (Autopilot RPG)

7. Hollow Earth – Hardcore Arcade Space Shooter (€ 1.99)

Hollow Earth - Hardcore Arcade Space Shooter

8. My Little Star VIP: Idol Maker (€ 0.89)

My Little Star VIP: Idol Maker

9. Block puzzle perfect fit (€ 2.19)

Perfect fit block puzzle

10. Tic Tac Toe Jumbo Pro (€ 0.89)

Tic Tac Toe Jumbo Pro

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5 reasons to always use a VPN in 2021

The search for VPN services by users is increasing, especially as their private data and personal information has become the “most valuable currency” for many companies.

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Therefore, the question is no longer whether or not you should have access to a VPN service, but whether or not you should always connect. The answer to this question is very simple: Yes!

To ensure that your personal information is always protected from data breaches, leaks, annoying ads, and prying eyes (also known as hackers), the protection that a VPN provides is crucial.

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