June 14, 2024


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The hobbyist hides the complete system in a thin table top

The hobbyist hides the complete system in a thin table top

YouTube channel DIY perks It has already attracted attention several times with its exceptional creations for PC. In 2021, for example, a massive water cooling system with a blower was shown, and in 2023 a gaming PC with immersive cooling was shown. However, the latest version focuses on an unusual form factor: the entire hardware, including keyboard, mouse and curved display, disappears into a thin tabletop.

Exceptional construction

The fact that tabletop computers have disappeared is nothing new – corresponding products are often offered by manufacturers for housing. But what's new is that all input devices can also disappear on the tabletop. For this purpose, a central area has been provided on the table top that can be lifted with magnets. As a result, the screen folds out and the resulting gap is automatically closed by another panel on which the keyboard and mouse are located.

source: DIY perks

The screen and peripherals can be folded with one hand.

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