June 18, 2024


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One last wish for Switch – mobiFlip.de

One last wish for Switch – mobiFlip.de

Not only has Nintendo confirmed that it will be showing off the new console by March 2025 at the latest, but it has also announced that we will see a new direct release in June that will put the focus (likely for the last time) entirely on the Switch.

So, we will definitely see a lot of games for the summer, fall and winter, but not so much for 2025, when the new console is supposed to be launched at the beginning of the year. I have one last wish for the Nintendo Switch.

For me, it's Nintendo's best console (and now their most successful as well) and overall one of the best consoles ever made. Unfortunately, the rumors that have been spreading for many years have not yet come true.

Zelda: The Wind Waker for Nintendo Switch

In 2021, on Zelda's 35th anniversary, a report circulated that we would be getting two older Zelda games and that was a sure thing. I also think Wind Waker and Twilight Princess are finished, there are many hints but so far Nintendo hasn't released it. Now would be the last and perfect time.

Nintendo won't release Blockbuster before 2025 anyway, so they're logically saving it for a new console. It's possible that Metroid 4 will still be on the agenda since it's going to be a Switch game anyway, but I wouldn't expect anything more than that.

These two Zelda games would be the perfect 'fill in the gaps' for Christmas 2024. As a huge fan of Zelda: The Wind Waker, this would be another game I would love to get as a portable version for the Nintendo Switch OLED.

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I'm not expecting a brand new Zelda right now, but rather a 2D Zelda with the new console for 2025, before another big 3D title comes out a few years later. So this will be a good gap-filler not only for the Switch, but also for fans of the series as new material comes in 2024.

Wise thinking? maybe. Maybe those two Zelda games were sitting around and ended up in the trash instead of the drawer. maybe. I hope not.