June 14, 2024


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The Backseat Gaming Podcast – #26 What's Wrong with the Xbox Tax?  /Current Xbox

The Backseat Gaming Podcast – #26 What's Wrong with the Xbox Tax? /Current Xbox

At Backseat Gaming we regularly talk about Xbox, consoles, games, and whatever else is on our minds. We have an opinion about everything – and sometimes it's justified and experienced! Watch on YouTube or listen wherever there are good podcasts.

MS Tax – Game Prizes:

-At least play the winners of the last few years and compare them to their MS counterparts and provide your own ratings (also as a podcast); Would they have taken the GotY title over the competition?


– 2017 vs 2024 at that time is still fresh, bold and innovative compared to today (better graphics, better sound (even less gameplay according to testers: only one fights, fewer moves) testers probably expected more; after 7 years of standards and demands are higher, for reasons Not least competition.
To exaggerate: HB2 is highest for 2017, good average for 2024 (not bad; largely depends on your own forecasts)

MS – GotY – Claim?:

If MS gave space to small developers to develop, there wouldn't be any GotY candidates in the Triple AAA region, as the competition sets the bar too high there. Good for the independent sector or not (see Tango); But it has no impact on the Champions League similar to GotYs

Sony-affine testers (who are supposed to penalize MS in terms of ratings via taxes) consciously/unconsciously compare them to Sony games. probably. In my opinion, penalizing games in the sense of good to very good games and only giving mediocre ratings is less likely than the fact that Sony's games are simply a class better. As mentioned earlier: Do a hands-on test yourself and test the PS5 exclusively (that's obvious) (not via Lets Play) and then ask yourself again about the MS GotY claim.

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