November 29, 2022


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monopoly. The famous real size car

Almost everyone knows the Monopoly car. This popular pawn game was introduced in 1937, and the look of the era’s single-seat racing car has changed little since then. A life-size version of said racing car has just made a comeback By joining a group Lane Motor Museum Nashville, United States.

Famous stylized board game.

Unique version designed for advertising

The car was built by American-British production company Biscuit Fireworks in 2009 for an advertisement for telephone company AT&T. Its base is a golf cart, and its fiberglass body is handcrafted. Everything is painted grey, right down to the seat and tires, to mimic the look of the small metal body that’s toured Monopoly panels for decades. The car’s proportions are consistent with those of the scale model, but its proportions are more compelling than those of the cars that inspired it, although one can make a connection with the very imposing Fiat S76 of 1911.

Monopoly car steering wheel
Everything was painted gray, including the interior.
Fiat S76
The Fiat S76 still displays extraordinary proportions today.

popular silhouette

A small 3.5 HP 48V electric motor drives the car, which has forward speed but also reverse gear. It can reach 27 km/h, which is probably enough to be intimidating given its extremely low construction and steering capabilities. Until last year, this unusual creativity belonged to a person named Darren Wright, who participated in the development of the advertisement in which the car appeared. Wright donated it to the museum. Jeff Lane, founder and director of the Lane Motor Museum, got into the car at the Concours d’Elegance on Amelia Island (Florida, USA) a few weeks ago and won a People’s Choice Award there.

Monopoly Concours d'Elegance Car
Amelia Island Monopoly 2021 Concours d’Elegance.

to read. wooden vehicles. It works in all sizes

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