November 26, 2022


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EFT: KAPPA container in new wipes is almost inaccessible

Level 71 of the KAPPA Container?! This seems a little exaggerated! Source: Battlestate Games

Battlestate games could have gone above and beyond with a very special change to the re-released Escape from Tarkov Wipe. While there was also consensus in parts of the community that the largest secure container in the game should be more difficult to obtain than it used to be, the new requirements introduced with the new survey, seem almost unattainable to a large portion of the gaming community.

In addition to many special items that you should have found in the raid, above all level 71. These, according to EFT creators like “Pestily”, are about 34 million experience points. In order to collect it successfully, you must invest 40 hours at a time over seven weeks while maintaining an average of 100,000 XP per hour. After that, there would be at least 28 million confirmed experience points during this intense period.

However, anyone who has already gained some experience with wire transfer knows that an average of 100,000 EGP per hour is almost unbearable. The value is a truly “sportsman” advertisement even for experienced and successful players. Hundreds of hours of playtime is finally the new requirement for the largest security enclosure in the game.

What does that mean in the score?

Even if the highly-requested 34 million experience points were to be regulated, it would simply not be possible for the majority of players to obtain a much larger security container in the current survey. The time required to accumulate XP is completely oversized.

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So it now looks a lot like you’re after an alpha container, which the standard computation was initially equipped with and which only provides four places of storage space, only in beta and epsilon containers with 3×2 or 4×2 places that can be upgraded. Since the gamma container is intended for owners of the “Edge of Darkness” version of Escape from Tarkov (3×3 places), then this is the end if we assume that under the current conditions, the Kappa container was moved at an inaccessible distance.

There are 12 (3×4) storage space available and completing the required ‘Collector’ mission is only available to just over a handful of hardcore gamers at the moment.

What do potential solutions look like?

If Battlestate Games doesn’t turn 180 degrees and you want to completely reverse the change or more, it’s important to come up with something. Not everyone can wish for the status quo. One possibility, for example, is to make the gamma container, previously reserved for owners of the “Edge of Darkness” version, bootable in order to at least bridge the massive gap between the epsilon container and the kappa container.

What idea do you have to fix the problem?

What idea do you have to fix the problem?x