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Age of Empires 2 Multiplayer Guide: Top Tips

Age of Empires 2 Multiplayer Guide: Top Tips

Age of Empires 2 Playing against the CPU is a lot of fun. If you're looking for a real challenge and a way to level up and compete in ranked matches, then you need to venture into multiplayer. Maybe you're curious about one Age of Empires 2 multiplayer game Share and fall on your face. Or maybe you are hesitant to join a game because you don't have the courage to play it. Don't worry, this is my job Multiplayer guide Puts you on the right path.
Practice and training are key elements in any competitive game and Age of Empires 2 is no exception. Take the time to watch tournaments and follow your favorite eSports stars. 1v1 tournaments like Red Bull Woololo Invaluable as broadcasters and fans use terms you'll need to know and respond to in-game.

You'll also be able to study playing techniques and styles that you wouldn't have thought of otherwise, and it will be easier for you to compete if you're familiar with the culture of the game.

You shouldn't run before you can even walk. To get started in Age of Empires 2 multiplayer, you must… First master the basics. Switching from playing solo to playing multiplayer against someone else can be quite daunting. Preparation and practice are crucial. Start as you wish to continue building missions in Dark Age. Keep things simple and improve your strategy over and over again before moving to the next level. What the greatest esports professionals have in common is their dedication to playing the same strategy over and over to iron out any wrinkles and keep the game as tight as possible.

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Prioritize the first ten minutes

It sounds a bit melodramatic, but… The first 10 minutes of the match can determine whether you win or lose. This is where you lay the foundation for combining your desired strategy with the way the other player is playing. You have to be flexible and stay consistent. Maintain the production value of your town center 24/7, continually generate villagers, invest wisely and plan for the future.

It may seem obvious, but always assume that your opponent is an expert in their chosen civilization and act accordingly. Most Age of Empires 2 players will spend the least amount of time in the Feudal Age, as the Dark Ages and Castle Ages have a much greater impact on gameplay.

You need to get your strategy in order early in the game

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Be careful when choosing your civilizations

It's always good to be motivated and have inside knowledge of your opponents' options, but it's more important to be in control of your own playstyle. Don't spend too much time playing random civilizations, just focus on the ones you like and see how others play with them. Learn how to build a solid foundation in the early game, rapidly expand in the mid-game, and make a subsequent finishing blow in the late game. If you want to be a serious contender in multiplayer, you need to pick a civilization and stick with it. There's no shame in replaying the solo campaign to get tips on counter stats.


Attitude is important

If you want to be on top at higher levels, you have to pay attention to your behavior. Toxic behavior is not possible. Not only are they carefully monitored in many tournaments. An important part of eSports competitions is socializing and respecting your opponents. Being rude to or toward your colleagues is bad for several reasons. Not least because you underestimate them more quickly if you don't show them the respect they deserve. This leads to obvious and embarrassing errors. When you lose a match, it's a learning opportunity, so don't waste it.


Keep everything balanced

A good rule of thumb is that At the end of the game, 50 percent are citizens and 50 percent are military So that you have a goal in mind before the final push. Keep your resources and gold reserves balanced, as gold is always the least popular resource. Plan ahead and consider cause and effect of resources. For example, before the Castle Age, you needed a lot of wood to invest in farms, so always be prepared for the next development. You wouldn't play Age of Empires if you didn't enjoy micromanagement, so embrace it as part of the art.


Record your games

Pretty much all esports stars swear by it To record their own matches and watch themEspecially from the opponent's point of view. Age of Empires 2 has a built-in scoring system. All you have to do is make sure it's turned on in the lobby before starting. Third-party software like CaptureAge is a popular add-on that takes recorded files and presents them with an interactive and information-rich interface.

This way you can look at your strategy again, take notes, identify possible errors and then eliminate them. Watch your opponent's moves and find out how you can counter him. You'll soon learn which style will allow you to adapt better in future games or interact better in advance.

Top players like TatoH record their matches for evaluation

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Don't neglect hotkeys

Once you are confident in your strategy, the next step is to improve your speed. Hotkeys are crucial to a quick win or effective rush, and can become second nature for experienced players, giving them precious seconds on every move. To get started, you'll just need a few basics: one button for downtown, a button for building villages, a button for building houses and a button for building farms.

As you progress through the game and depending on your playing style, you will notice the most frequently used commands and can adjust hotkeys accordingly. Pay special attention to speed. The delete key, for example, is a bad choice for deleting because you have to move your hand across the keyboard to press it — and you'll likely have to press it a lot. So it's better to use a button that you can access quickly.

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