December 7, 2023


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Chocobo GP announced for 2022, a racing game set in the Final Fantasy universe

We didn’t necessarily expect it, but Square Enix took advantage of Nintendo Direct on the night of September 23-24 to announce a new title: Chocobo GB. Upon seeing the first images, you quickly understand the concept, it is about a racing game that once again takes on the atmosphere of Final Fantasy and where our Chocobo will be the big star.

Ready, set…

So far, little information has been provided on this topic Chocobo GB But we still know that this is an arcade-oriented racing game, which will inevitably remember a certain game Mario Kart on the same console. It seems exclusive Nintendo Switch, scheduled for 2022, without specifying the release period either.

However, we know that we can choose dozens of characters, among which we can note baby but also Sherma and others, though many of us might choose Chocobo, which undoubtedly appears to be the first option. Vehicles have different stats whether speed or acceleration and there is a well known sliding mechanic for racing game lovers.

We still have to wait to learn more about the title as we have to be satisfied with next year’s arrival. The Tokyo Game Show may provide more information, but it may be necessary to wait until 2022 for new images.

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