July 1, 2022


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Valentin Grobner's review, "Am I?"  , s.  Fisher

Valentin Grobner’s review, “Am I?” , s. Fisher

Dr. read it. Elephant. Daniel Arnett

Moderator Robert Lempke (1913-1989) asks the guest, “Which piglet do you want?” Who can choose from three different colored piggy banks. Then the four-person guessing round has to figure out the job of the candidate. For each he can’t answer, a piece of five signs chime in the animal’s stomach. Yes, you can tell by currency: this popular TV show existed before the introduction of the euro.

The Austrian historian Valentin Groebner (59) wrote in his new book “The Program of Contests” Was Ben ich? It started in 1961 based on the American model. It became the longest-running and popular program on German television after Tageschau. For decades, it received up to 6,000 requests a month from people who wanted to give information on themselves and come home with a bloated savings column.