September 24, 2021


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Dr. read it. elephant. Daniel Arnett

Male, Female, Diverse – Gender debate has recently spread to many regions around the world: in the United States, the toilet row over door signs with the words “All Gender” is escalating, and in German-speaking countries there is a heated debate about gender asterisks in texts printed, and in Argentina if the president decides in mid-July 2021 that the X will serve as an entry for the third gender in identity documents.

“Boy or girl?” It is the title of a postcard for a German poem from about 1930, followed more poorly by correct rhyming verses: “One thing ain’t spinning in the head, no: / That you, as a creative masterpiece, / Messing with the master working in / With your bobbing.” Directly aimed at women who cut their hair in their golden twenties. For the Nazis rushing to power, they had the following slogan: “The braid is ary – pop is jewish.”