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test |  Storm - Chichen Itza – Test | break in

Written by Denise Janssen on .

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Regular escape games follow a simple pattern. You have a room or a place and you have to solve puzzles to be able to leave that place. The “Break In” series by “Schmidt Spiele” changes this usual formula in that you no longer have to break out of a site, but break into a site. Brick In – Chichen Itza puts you in the year 1833 and in the shoes of a curious archaeologist trying to discover a lifetime. Will you solve the puzzles of the Mayan pyramid or will you perish while trying?

Information about the game

Schmidt kindly provide us with a “Break in – Chichén Itzá” for our review.
This has no effect on our rating!

This is what the game is about

In “Break In – Chichén Itzá”, the playing group has to solve various puzzles in order to advance deeper and deeper into the Mayan pyramid. The toy chest is the playing field for the game. After removing the cover, the game starts immediately, explaining its story with a brief guide and some help cards.

break in chchen 001 . test

By examining the exposed game box, the game deck can discover different symbols that reveal new puzzle cards. As in other representatives of the genre, puzzle cards for the playing group present the tasks that they must solve in order to be able to continue. The answers in “Break In – Chichén Itzá” always consist of three components. number, code and color. They can be found in small solution chips that must be inserted into specific slots in the game box. The symbol indicates which tape is being used, the color of the space in which the tape is inserted, and the number at which the tape is inserted into the slot. Through a small hole in the toy chest, the playing group displays a small token that takes them either to the next puzzle card (if the answer is correct) or to a clue card (if the answer is wrong).

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Guide cards are a playgroup’s best friend, as they provide guidance, especially for new playgroups, that experienced players in the game series may not need. Unlike many games of this type, clue cards are part of the general deck and can often only be found with the appropriate symbol. Each puzzle contains a clue card that gives the playing group some hints and finally the solution to the puzzle so that the journey does not end abruptly.

break in chchen 002 . test

Once the playing group reaches the pyramid and all the puzzles are solved, the adventure ends, which is supposed to take about 120 minutes.

Holds: 1-6 people, investigator, 120 minutes, escape room