September 24, 2021


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‘Tetris Effect: Connected’ Coming to Nintendo Switch in October

The best version of the cult game Tetris is about to arrive on the Nintendo console soon. Tetris Effect: Online, the latest version of the game tetris effect By Tetsuya Mizuguchi, next fall arrives on the Nintendo Switch. The first images of the game on the Kyoto Hybrid were revealed during yesterday’s Indie World broadcast.

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Tetris Effect: Online And so it came out of the period of exclusivity that tied the title to Xbox consoles and the Xbox Game Pass subscription service, available for the first time in a Nintendo Switch version. Originally released exclusively on PlayStation 4 at the end of 2018, Tetris Effect takes the timeless gameplay of Alexey Pajitnov’s game by adding an exceptional look. Game designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi, known for his creations that focus heavily on electronic music such as ris And Lumens, thus giving it a personal touch, turning the game sequence into real psychedelic journeys.

The visuals loaded with special patterns and effects combine with different musical styles whose sounds, rhythm and rhythm are directly influenced by the actions of the player. The game also introduces a new scoring mechanism that allows stopping the time course to accumulate as many lines as possible in order to achieve a “Tetris” by ten.

TetrisAlways better together

Tetris Effect: Online It is presented as an extended version of the original game, incorporating a new multiplayer game. It can be played locally or online, Tetris Effect: Online It offers several game modes ranging from simple scoring competition to cooperative games. The new Competitive Mode takes the gameplay of the 8-bit versions of the original game, accompanied by retro visuals and tougher rules, for a decidedly challenging experience intended for the most hardcore gamer.

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product Tetris Effect: Online It is scheduled to take place on October 8 on the Nintendo Switch. The game will also arrive on PlayStation 4 and Oculus Quest PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store via a free update to the base game Tetris Effect.