Created on November 14, 2022 | 11:36

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eIn NÖN readers on the article “Erlauftalbahn: Something Unique”.

Since ÖBB halted rail traffic to Gaming – but previously invested a lot of money in revamping the route between Scheibbs and Neubruck – the rail line between Scheibbs and Kienberg has been closed without a murmur. The timber haulage reload point located there between the road and the loading track has become deserted… Truck traffic on the B25 (including timber haulers) has increased dramatically.

Which can also be clearly seen in the grooves along B25. The ban on truck driving except for the destination and source area is consistently ignored. It may seem as if the cargo ship lounge is not very interested in the hotly discussed topic of traffic reduction, reduction of environmental pollution (diesel, fine dust pollution, etc.). Or that ÖBB ignores the topic of goods on rails….

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I’m thinking of managing cargo sheds at train stations, which first created jobs and secondly made transit traffic and transit traffic unnecessary….

Dr. Carl H. Exinger, Chips