May 21, 2024


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“Work Hard – Play Hard” – Craft meets Gaming starting May 15, 2024 on ARD Twitch

“Work Hard – Play Hard” – Craft meets Gaming starting May 15, 2024 on ARD Twitch

SWR – Sudwesterundfunk

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A six-part game show where crafters take a look at simulation games with hosts Kimon Schanze and Ilyas Buss / Starting May 15, 2024 on ARD Twitch

Cover a real roof after “Construction Site Simulator”. Is this possible? Simulation games, that is, computer games in which real jobs are digitally recreated, have been popular for years. But how realistic can it be? “Work Hard – Play Hard” answers this question: real professionals from different professions experience simulations of their own jobs. In addition, a lot of interesting information about professions is revealed during gameplay sessions. Viewers can also participate and ask their questions in the live chat. The six episodes of “Work Hard – Play Hard” will be available weekly from 15 May 2024 at 4pm on the ARD Twitch channel, live from SWR Studio

Craft meets games as well as knowledge

Each episode focuses on a different profession. SWR hosts Kimon Schanze and Ilyas Buss grew up with games and tested an appropriate simulation game with each guest that reflected their job. When professional craftsmen encounter computer games, which are sometimes very simple and unprofessional, they not only evaluate them honestly – and above all, the fun is not neglected: the host and the professional see the games, try them for the first time and enjoy them with no idea what to expect. In individual Twitch sessions, you not only play games but also impart a lot of knowledge. At the studio's workbench, guests can turn the tables and show off their favorite tools or techniques in detail. The guests are as diverse as the world of simulation games: “Work Hard – Play Hard” features young craftsmen and craftsmen from all over Germany who have already achieved success on social media with their professional presentations.

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“Work Hard – Play Hard”: Career advice in a fun way

The interviewee's career is examined from all aspects: for example, what entry opportunities are available or what is the salary. In the approximately two-hour programs, viewers can ask more questions that were not discussed on the simulator or at the workbench. Every question is answered in the live chat. Another challenge for the pros: Using collected channel points, the chat can open up corny prepared questions that the pros then have to answer.

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