September 16, 2021


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Technology will not leave places of worship after the pandemic

a church First Baptist of Regina

Church Pastor Joel Russell MacLean says: First Baptist of ReginaTechnology will remain because it allows believers to pray together and strengthens bonds between members.

Her church broadcasts its fans online, but also allows members to connect with each other through the Zoom app.

People who attend Mass there can see those calling from home.

Through Zoom, believers have been able to connect with a terminally ill church member and share the last months of his or her life with him, says Joel Russell MacLean.

It was a wonderful and special time for many of us.

Quote from:Joel Russell MacLean, Église First Baptist de Regina

Chabad Jewish Center

The pandemic has opened the Chabad Jewish Center in Regina to a global virtual connection.

Rabbi Avrohome Symonds explains that his community uses the Zoom platform to host speakers from all over the world.

Previously, to hear speakers from outside, you had to bring them to Regina.

We’ve done it many times, but of course it’s very expensiveThe rabbi explains.

The Chabad Jewish Center also began offering virtual Torah education.

According to Avrohom Simmonds, community members are happy to have virtual access to classes when they cannot attend in person.

The Sikh Association of Saskatchewan

in Saskatoon The Sikh Association of Saskatchewan He installed a two-camera video system at his place of worship, Gurdwara.

The service is broadcast live to other community members via YouTube and Facebook.

According to its General Secretary, Amritpal Dhaliwal, it is worth it.

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In fact, the gurdwara is currently too small to accommodate the entire community.

Thus, distributing the service over the Internet allows more people to access it.

It makes me feel good that people can watch from their homes, concludes Amritpal Dhaliwal.

With information from Mah Nour Mubarak