September 24, 2021


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This is how AI competes with sprinkler and fire alarm systems

Munich (ots) – Guardian Technologies GmbH is a leading manufacturer of artificial intelligence-controlled extinguishing systems. Its goal is to fundamentally revolutionize fire protection and make professional fire protection accessible to all. This article compares AI with traditional fire protection system and sprinkler in various disciplines to see which procedure has the most advantages.


In terms of layout, the sprinkler system and the fire alarm system are very similar. Both systems are associated with high costs, as the planning process is not fully automated and many aspects must be taken into account. The standard defines how regulations are set. In addition, the 3D layout makes the sprinkler more complex. Planning for both procedures takes several weeks; The operation of the “Laren” fire extinguishing system from Guardian Technologies is automated and therefore takes only a few minutes.


The sprinkler system contains individual components that are assembled on site in the casing. Assembly usually takes several weeks and needs many workers. On the other hand, a fire alarm system has standard components connected by specially placed lines. This installation is usually performed in the outer casing, but is still possible afterwards at a relatively high voltage level. You only need to plan for a few days or weeks. The AI-controlled extinguishing system comes ready-made and only needs a connection to a simple power source. This can be taken from anywhere in the building. It only takes about 30 minutes to install the system.


Sprinklers and fire alarm system both require complex and human maintenance at short intervals with often expensive maintenance contracts. Maintenance of sprinklers is virtually non-digital, the fire alarm system only to a small extent. The Guardian approach: fully digital daily self-tests. Through so-called “predictive maintenance”, which is predictive maintenance based on big data, potential malfunctions can be anticipated at an early stage. This extinguishing system also requires human maintenance, but only once a year for a maximum of 15 minutes per device.

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Fire and associated damage

The sprinkler system is activated by energy, that is, by the temperature of the fire. This means that the fire must reach a certain size in order for the system to operate. Then the water is applied to a clearly defined area. However, it can now happen that the actual fire area is much smaller than the precisely defined protection area, which means that the efficiency of the system varies greatly. Systems designed for an area of ​​21 square meters (LH), for example, have an efficiency of about 10 percent in the event of a fire of about 2 square meters. Only if the fire is large enough, the effective efficiency can be fully achieved. Thus, in addition to fire damage, the sprinkler system also has a lot of water damage.

On the other hand, the fire alarm system reacts to the smoke from the fire, alerting the rescuers. However, these must first reach the place of use. Depending on the traffic situation, this may take a few minutes – you can generally expect about 10 to 15 minutes. Added to this is the time taken to watch the fire and prepare the equipment. In the time it took for smoke to emerge from the fire and for rescue workers to reach the scene and try to put out the fire, the flames had plenty of time to spread. In the event of a fire alarm system, severe fire damage and also devastating water damage caused by rescuers can be expected.

With Laren, an AI startup is developing a scalable, affordable and contemporary solution to detect fires either as they start or just before they happen. The detection of the fire usually takes about two seconds and then the subsequent target fire is extinguished about ten seconds. This way the fire is kept as small as possible. Also, the targeted use of extinguishing agents prevents significant water damage.

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