January 31, 2023


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Re.Tex technology is used for the first time in Continental tires

As the co-founder, Continental will once again exclusively supply Extreme E this year with a specially designed “CrossContact Extreme E”. Since the all-electric racing series is not only about the issue of sustainability, the manufacturer presents an additional development for 2022 after the 2021 premiere season: according to the company, not only has performance been improved, but a special focus is on a high percentage of sustainable materials in the composite tread and placed on carcass. The second generation of “CrossContact-Extreme-E” is said to consist of about a third of recycled and renewable raw materials thanks to the use of silica, for example, obtained from the ash of rice husks – leftovers from agriculture. But the current model could also come with a premiere. Because for the first time Continental has used so-called “Re.Tex” technology in one of its tires. This means that in addition to treated steel and soot, polyester yarns made from recycled plastic bottles are now used in the hull for the first time. As a result, conventional polyester can be completely replaced in “CrossContact Extreme E,” according to the supplier. The carcass material is produced by a cooperating partner without any intermediate chemical steps from used PET bottles that are not recycled in any other way. cm

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