April 17, 2024


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“Pikmin Bloom” April flower is sweet pea!!  Let's talk about the latest information on flowers and the history of the community[سجل التشغيل #589]|  Famitsu application[موقع معلومات ألعاب الهاتف الذكي]

“Pikmin Bloom” April flower is sweet pea!! Let's talk about the latest information on flowers and the history of the community[سجل التشغيل #589]| Famitsu application[موقع معلومات ألعاب الهاتف الذكي]

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Pikmin bloom

The arrival of the representative flower that celebrates the beginning of a new beginning

On Friday, March 29, 2024, the official Pikmin Bloom website announced the bloom forecast for April and the date of Community Day.

This time, which is the 589th time in the playback record, we will feature Sweet Pea who will make her debut in this work, and a change in environment. We will also provide information about the known community day at this point.

There is also one last chance that you should not forget.

[حدث بارز]■ Hanafuda 2024 event guide

■ Easter 2024 event guide

Let's make sweet pea bloom in four colors

Such as the surprise implementation of the “Curry Shop Deco Pikmin” and the Easter event starting in April.Different information is released every dayPikmin Bloom area.

At this time, the tour event will start tomorrow, March 30 (Saturday) in Fukuoka.The latest bloom forecast has been announcedIt's done.

Let's take a look at the known elements at this point, such as trends in large flowers and mushrooms.

[التوقعات المزهرة لشهر أبريل 2024]
■ Flower of the month
Sweetened peas

■ Big flower trends
・The flowers are planted with regular petals (red, blue, yellow and white).
→ Cherry blossoms, tulips, nemophiles, anemones, lilies and sweet peas bloom on rare occasions.

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■ Mushroom trends
・Fruit obtained by destruction
→You can extract any of the following extracts: common, cherry, lavender, nemophila, anemone, hyacinth, and sweet pea.

■ Community Day in March
・Date: April 13 (Saturday) and April 14 (Sunday)
→ Details will be announced later

Sweet pea, chosen as an April flower, is a plant of the Fabaceae family, genus Latilus.

It is native to Italy, and has Japanese names such as musk peas, cowrie peas, and musk lentils.

Japanese name“Bean”is also usedIf you know they are legumes, you will understand.He is.

Also, sweet pea flower language“beginning”or“Beautiful”Positive things like “tender memories” and “the joy of youth”“precise”or“Leave”There are also some negative things.

I was a little surprised when I researched this time, as I had a strong impression that flowers are given at this time of year, when new journeys such as graduation and going to higher education occur, and changes in the environment occur.


Well, tomorrow and the day after (3/30-31) Hanafudah happened.“Giant Mysterious Mushroom”It can challengelast chance.

Furthermore it,“Mushrooms help megaphone”It comes with a great bonus that can be used 3 times on both days.

People like Fukatsu who want to continue collecting paper chips must observe their surroundings and prepare for their appearance.

[جدول الفطر الغامض العملاق]
・From March 9 (Saturday) to March 10 (Sunday)
・March 16 (Saturday) to March 17 (Sunday)
・March 23 (Saturday) to March 24 (Sunday)
・March 30 (Saturday) to March 31 (Sunday)← Last chance


So…you guessed it, what about collecting Hanafuda cards?No progress.

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Well, no problem.

StillThere are two daysMonday.

Well then everyone, see you tomorrow!!


⇒ Summary of notes for the play “Pikmin Bloom”.

BN Phukatsuan
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