September 16, 2021


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California Streaming: Nächstes Apple-Event findet am 14. September statt

California Streaming: The next Apple event is on September 14th

The next Apple event will take place online on September 14 under the slogan “California Streaming” and will revolve around the iPhone 13, the Apple Watch Series 7, the new airbots and the new iPod mini and iPod. A new MacBook Pro with M1X and Mini LED display should be 14 “and 16” short.

Apple has announced that this event will be a completely online event when the stream starts at 7:00 pm. During the current Govt-19 epidemic, major events on their own campus at the Steve Jobs Theater are not yet possible, so Apple is streaming the event back from California.

The applicable event goal is “California Streaming” which may not otherwise be directly related to individual products, but information about it has been circulating in a relatively specific form through the rumor mill for months. A brief summary of the latest information, however, revolves around a well-known hardware series, while the purpose of the event may refer to new services.

IPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro

The focus of the event is likely to be on the iPhone 13 family, which is expected to be the iPhone 12 family ‘s iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max already known. For Pro versions, cameras with promotion screens up to 120 Hz and Pros support are used. All new Apple smartphones are A15 Bionic and always on display. The design is largely compatible with the current look, with only the slightly smaller Face ID notch being introduced, as has been said so far. Recently, it has become clear that Apple is implementing communications via satellites in addition to mobile communications in some countries and only in emergencies.

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Apple Watch Series7

As for the Apple Watch Series 7, you can expect big changes in design compared to the iPhone. With flat sides, the cases should follow the design language of the iPhone and iPod Pro, and images of the new bracelets have already appeared in Chinese forums, suggesting 41mm and 45mm larger cases. Entrepreneurs like Mark Kurman have recently considered slightly larger smartwatches with contacts within Apple’s inner circle.

The Apple Watch Series 7 should have a screen with narrow edges, and Apple has created a new lamination for the OLED panel so that it moves closer to the cover glass and creates the impression that you are directly interacting with the content. Better lamination leads to fewer reflections and has advantages in terms of lighting. However, the availability of a new screen can be a barrier, especially in the beginning, because production must be very complex. At the start of the clock Apple could only offer relatively small sizes.


The box office hit Airports is set to be optically modified for the first time since its launch in 2016, bringing only new functionality after the second generation was delivered in 2019. They claim that the new design will be based on the Airports Pro (Test) with a shorter trunk and a new shape in the ear.

IPod Mini 6 and iPod 9

A major update to the iPad mini that has been updated for two and a half years and gets a completely new design with a thinner screen bezel. At the same time, the ninth generation presentation of the standard iPod with a thin case and fast processor is planned. The iPad was last updated in September a year ago and, like the iPad mini, uses the A12 Bionic.

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The MacBook Pro event is to be followed later

A separate event is scheduled for the new MacBook Pro generation at 14 and 16 inches later this year. Already in view for XX. With several new presentations planned for September, notebooks will probably blow up the event. The big anticipated innovations are the return of links like the Mini-LED backlight, M1X fast processor, Mac Safe, HDMI and card reader and the removal of the touch bar and the introduction of a new design flat pages.