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Microsoft Unveils .NET Smart Components: AI-Powered UI Controls – InfoQ

Microsoft Unveils .NET Smart Components: AI-Powered UI Controls – InfoQ

Original link (2024-03-22)

Microsoft recently announced a new UI control that provides AI functionality to increase development productivity within .NET applications..NET Smart ComponentsAnnounce. According to Microsoft, these components are designed to simplify the integration of AI capabilities into existing .NET applications and, as mentioned above, require minimal developer effort.

.NET Smart Components provide built-in AI capabilities that improve the user experience without requiring extensive user experience redesign, machine learning, or software engineering expertise. As mentioned earlier, these features can be integrated into the app's user interface, allowing users to interact more efficiently.

.NET Smart Components is currently in beta and was initially available in .NET 6 and later.Blazer、MVC、Razor pagesOnline at

Lead Product ManagerDaniel RothHe says:

We hope that other .NET UI frameworks like .NET MAUI, WPF, and Windows Forms provide components as well, but first we would like to know how useful they are and how they can be used. We are interested in your feedback about what features you would like us to add.

The current version of .NET Smart Components includes several components: Smart Paste, Smart TextArea, and Smart ComboBox.

Smart pasteIt can automatically fill out forms using data stored in the user's clipboard, which can simplify the data entry process by eliminating the need for developers to manually re-enter data.

Furthermore it,Smart text areaAs mentioned earlier, this software intelligently enhances traditional text areas. This feature allows users to configure autocomplete settings to suit their preferences, including tone, policy, and URL. This improvement makes typing faster and reduces the need to remember specific information such as URLs.

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The third component isSmart combo boxa feature that improves on traditional combo boxes by providing suggestions based on semantic matching, helping users find desired items more efficiently within the app.

Learn about the recent introduction of .NET Smart ComponentsCommunity reactionReflects a variety of viewpoints. While some members expressed optimism about the potential benefits these components could provide in improving user experience and simplifying user interface development, others expressed legitimate concerns about the implications for accessibility and privacy.

Notably, there are calls for transparency regarding the lack of source code, with users highlighting the impact on integration with third-party UI libraries. In addition, the Smart Paste feature has also raised privacy concerns, with users expressing concerns about the possibility of data being uploaded and analyzed.

To get started, developers must provide the API key, deployment name, endpoint URL, etc.Related Azure OpenAI serviceInformation needs to be prepared.In addition to the original blog post, Microsoft also posted on GitHubSample projectSteve Sanderson shows how to use these components in your projects.YoutubeI provided the video.

Finally, Microsoft states that .NET Smart Components are still experimental and not officially supported. The Microsoft development team seeks feedback from users to evaluate the usefulness of .NET Smart Components and identify improvements to improve the app creation experience.

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