April 15, 2024


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3 more fun games with Apple Vision Pro |  Forbes JAPAN official website (Forbes Japan)

3 more fun games with Apple Vision Pro | Forbes JAPAN official website (Forbes Japan)

The Apple Vision Pro gaming lineup will soon be expanded. On March 28, three titles will already be available on iPhone and iPad: Spire Blast, Gibbon: Beyond The Trees, and Alto's Odyssey: The Lost City on Vision Pro.

For those who don't know what type of game it is, here's an overview.

Spire explosion

If you like the idea of ​​dragons with angry faces, this game is for you. Naturally, the dragon is there to make the puzzle game more interesting, as you have to hit a tower of blocks with colored balls. Hit the right ball on the right block and everything will collapse in an instant. If you hit the wrong block, nothing will happen.

Tower Explosion (Orbital Knight)

The best part is the carefully designed game physics. When you unleash a killing blow, the wall shakes, pausing until the tower collapses.

・Why you should play with Apple Vision Pro

One of the attractive things about the game is the sound of blocks collapsing, and the Vision Pro handles this well. And on the immersive Vision Pro display, the sight of blocks rolling around the player will be amazing.

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees

The movement of gibbons through trees is based on the dynamic movement of real gibbons through the forest. The hand-drawn graphics are stunningly beautiful and give you a magical, Zen-like feeling.
Gibbon: Beyond the Trees (Broken Rules)

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees (Broken Rules)

・Why play with Apple Vision Pro?

The huge Vision Pro display will make this game stand out, as it looks immersive even on the iPhone SE. This game moves people's hearts and makes them fall in love with it, and if you play it on the big screen, it will be amazingly moving.

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Alto Odyssey: The Lost City

Physics is also important in this game. Players endlessly sandboard through an ever-changing environment, repeating complex jumps and the like. Gameplay is relatively simple, but somewhat frustrating, as you'll have to squeeze through rock walls, escape annoying lemurs, and hop on hot air balloons. If that's not enough for you, you can also fly in a wingsuit.

Alto Odyssey: The Lost Temple.  Watch Alto Fly (Alto Team)

Alto Odyssey: The Lost City. Watch Alto Fly (Alto Team)

・Why play with Apple Vision Pro?

You probably know I'm a fan. You may be so immersed in the game's mechanics that you suddenly find yourself flipping, jumping, and riding your sandboard further than ever before. It is a moment of heightened satisfaction.

In fact, I'll probably buy an Apple Vision Pro just for this game. The good news is that if you buy Apple Arcade (900 yen per month) on one Apple device, you can play on all your devices, including the Vision Pro. Not all games work on all platforms, which is why this is great news.

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