December 1, 2023


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LudeCat – gaming competition from Salzburg

LudeCat – gaming competition from Salzburg

At Gamescom 2023, we had the opportunity to meet Florian Jindra, one of the minds behind the event LudeCat. Florian works as an initiator, organizer and member of the LudeCat team. In conversation he explained to us what exactly LudeCat is about and what makes this event so unique.

The full interview is available here, and you can find out more in writing below.

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But what is actually behind “Lude Cat”?

LudeCat is a video game tournament in which players sit in teams on a stage and compete against each other in various previously unknown games – all from the comfort of a yet competitive couch. The special thing about this is that no previous knowledge is required, not even gaming experience. This makes LudeCat an event that attracts people of all experiences and combines an event, a games tournament and a party. The focus is clearly on the fun of the game.

The idea for LudeCat came about in 2016 at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, and since then about 8 to 10 events have been organized every year. These events are not only held in Salzburg, but also touring Germany as part of NERDIC in the city or participating in trade fairs such as CAGGTUS Leipzig, IFA Berlin or the New Fair Bavarian Toy Fair, J.G. Bavaria. Especially at trade shows, it is not only possible to reach hundreds of people, but it is also possible to motivate them to play along, while many watch, cheer and clap enthusiastically!

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Now the question arises: who, how and where can you join LudeCat?

Up to 32 teams compete against each other in LudeCat in several previously unknown video games. The audience follows the event with enthusiasm and cheers for the players. The sofa on the stage becomes the emotional center of the competition. Professional supervision and live commentary ensure entertainment and a great atmosphere, and the event is also broadcast as a live broadcast. Each event attracts approximately 250 to 300 people on-site, while several thousand people follow the events via live stream or broadcast.

At the upcoming 15th edition on October 6, fans can expect the best lineup from past years as well as exciting new releases discovered at the Germany Tour events!

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