September 24, 2021


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Indicates compatibility for the Windows Update update

Indicates compatibility for the Windows Update update

From Norman Wittkoff
Although there is a separate tool to check the functionality of Windows 11, the Windows update will do this in the future and is already doing this for testers.

Named for Microsoft Windows 11 Relatively stringent computer requirements Gallery and this too Recently updated again, So that those interested in upgrading under Windows 10 can initially get their PC on the official “PC Health Check” Suitable for newer operating systems To check. However, this tool did not run perfectly smoothly, which is why Microsoft withdrew the program until the fall and is now making it available again to testers in the Insider program.

Participants in the Windows Insider program were recently given another opportunity to test their ability to upgrade their Windows 10 device to Windows 11 with Windows Update. According to Recently a message appeared on the “Release Preview Channel” indicating the possibility of an upgrade, which all users will see when the new operating system version is released.

“The good news is – your PC meets the minimum system requirements for Windows 11 with additional requirements.”

Windows 11: Specifies whether or not to upgrade to Windows Update


Then it is impossible to avoid it

In addition to the note Some features are missing Links to related support articles that provide additional information about Windows 11 requirements and removed features. A similar compatibility message will appear on devices that do not meet the requirements. Microsoft is trying to find compatibility issues using telemetry, and the process should be done accordingly Can not be defeated, Trial versions are not currently very strict.

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