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What digital items can help you immerse yourself in the world of hobbies? Professional explanations and recommendations |  GetNavi web GetNavi

What digital items can help you immerse yourself in the world of hobbies? Professional explanations and recommendations | GetNavi web GetNavi

If you want to immerse yourself further into the world of your hobby, consider purchasing a “specialty machine” suitable for the occasion. Pay attention to portable devices that allow you to enjoy games from the comfort of your home, and single-lens digital cameras that allow you to capture beautiful landscapes during your travels.

*This is an edited article published in the December 2023 issue of GetNavi.

I will explain!

Technical writer
Mr. Akito Yuasa

Familiar with computers, gadgets and AV. My main computer is a desktop, but I use several laptops depending on when I’m away.

[الجزء 1]A gaming laptop that can be used as a gaming console and a PC is easy.

ROG Ally RC71L-Z1512

Mini gaming PC with controllers on the left and right sides of the 7-inch high-resolution LCD screen. Equipped with the latest processor developed for portable gaming consoles. Since it comes with Windows 11 operating system, you can play a variety of PC gaming platforms and Android games.

↑ “Zero Gravity Cooling System” uses specially designed ducts. Equipped with dual fans that provide quiet and cooling performance

<شيك يواسا>

“If you’re playing a team-based game that requires you to engage in battle at a specific time, look at a portable device that you can play on the go. The basic spec is PC, so if you connect a keyboard, you can use it for work as well.”

[الجزء 2]Connect your PS5 remote to Wi-Fi and enjoy it at hand

Sony Interactive Entertainment
PlayStation Portal remote player

A device intended for remote play on the PS5. Once turned on, simply press a button to connect to your PS5 via Wi-Fi and start playing games even in a room without a TV. DualSense Wireless Controller functionality follows.

Equipped with an 8-inch screen with Full HD resolution. Supports up to 1080p/60fps, providing smooth and vivid images while gaming.

<شيك يواسا>

“It’s perfect for playing a game you’ve been working on every day for a while in your free time. It’s also perfect for families with children who don’t want an extreme game to be shown on the TV in the living room.”

[الجزء الثالث]What about a personal recording device that specializes in recording functions?

io data

A hard disk recorder focuses on recording functions, with emphasis on the number of simultaneous recordings and recording capacity. The 1TB model can record up to approximately 1090 hours, and the triple tuner supports simultaneous recording of three programs. Booking, viewing and automatic ejection can be done by linking to your smartphone.

↑ The tuner and the hard disk are connected via USB. Once the capacity is full, you can resume recording simply by replacing the hard disk with a new one.

<شيك يواسا>

“It’s ideal as a dedicated device for recording programs that only you can watch at home. You can listen to them through an app on your smartphone, so you can also set up the device in your living room and enjoy the program in your studies.”

[الجزء الرابع]Enjoy the outdoors worry-free with an affordable waterproof watch

Q&A VP84-854

Q&Q is an informal brand based on the concepts of quality (higher quality products) and quantity (for more people). Although it’s reasonably priced at around 1,000 yen, it’s a solid piece that’s water-resistant to 10 ATM. Visibility of the 40mm case is also good.

<شيك يواسا>

“This model is perfect for use while swimming, when you can’t check your smartphone, or while climbing or camping, where you tend to bump your watch or get it dirty. You can also effectively use it as a bathroom clock by hanging it in your bathroom at home.”

[الجزء 5]It launches an audio recorder that can be easily imported to a smartphone

Rakuriku RR-PW2

Easily import CD audio sources to your smartphone and play DVDs. Importing a CD album can be completed in about 5 minutes. Newly equipped with a microSD card slot. Song data can be saved to a microSD card at the same time as it is imported to the smartphone, and is automatically organized by artist.

↑ Equipped with a microSD card slot. Saved songs are managed by the artist as an “SD Library” and can be easily transferred without using a computer.

<شيك يواسا>

“Nowadays, you can watch a lot of music and video content online, but some content is still only available on CDs and DVDs. You can enjoy the CDs/DVDs you have at home on your smartphone again.”

[الجزء السادس]Take photos anytime, anywhere with a palm-sized camera

com. fujifilm
Instax Pal

Miniaturization was achieved by separating the printing function, which was a key feature of the series, known as “Instax”, specializing in “photography”. Using a dedicated app, you can do “telephoto” and “time-lapse shooting,” which shoots continuously at 3-second intervals.

↑ It uses a wide-angle lens, making it ideal for landscape photos and group photos with a large number of people. Dynamically capture compositions that are difficult to capture with a smartphone.

<شيك يواسا>

“It has a popular look that doesn’t let people realize you’re taking a photo. If you just want to take a photo, a smartphone will suffice, but this is the kind of camera that allows you to capture unexpected compositions and unexpected expressions.”

[الجزء السابع]Let’s get out a powerful digital SLR camera that records different scenes clearly

Lumix DC-G99DH

Equipped with “20.3M direct MOS sensor” with low-pass filterless design, it expresses the refreshing vitality and typical beauty of LUMIX. The body is dustproof and drip-resistant, so it can withstand the toughest conditions. Strong image stabilization up to 5.0 stops is also reassuring.

↑ Follow button layout that allows the photographer to focus on the viewfinder. Equipped with two dials, front and back, for adjusting aperture, shutter speed, etc.

<شيك يواسا>

“Although I usually use a smartphone camera, I sometimes find myself wanting to take pictures of animals or celestial objects with a telephoto lens. In such cases, it is nice to have a camera that allows you to choose between a telephoto lens or a telephoto lens. Bright lens.”

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