March 3, 2024


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F-ZERO 99 “Version 1.1.0” update data featuring the new mode will be rolled out today, November 29th – Watch Game

F-ZERO 99 “Version 1.1.0” update data featuring the new mode will be rolled out today, November 29th – Watch Game

Add new items

“Classic Racing” is newly added

The “Classic Race” will be a 20-person race with the same rules as the Super Famicom version of “F-ZERO”. “Classic races” are held regularly as a special event.

[الدانتيل الكلاسيكي]

The “Lucky Card” game has been added.

If you participate in the race five times, your rating and the device used will be recorded, and you will be able to unlock face-up cards. If the numbers and machines shown on the card match, you will receive a “bonus” based on the result.

[بطاقة الحظ]

*Press the L stick on the main menu to go to the “Lucky Card” screen.
*The card can be opened once a day.

Added backgrounds that can be used to customize demo cards

Added backgrounds, decals, and frame types that can be used to customize demo cards. After clearing the specific conditions, it can be used for customization.

*You can check and customize the specific conditions from the main menu “Workshop” → “Pilot Card”.

Modifications and other changes

– When you crash or crash in the middle of a “MINI-PRIX” or “GRAND PRIX” race, it is now easier to return to the main menu (before version 1.0.2, depending on the timing, you could not exit the race for a while) there).

– The training difficulty level has been adjusted when you first start the game, making it easier. In addition, the ability to skip training has been added, allowing you to immediately participate in online races with other players.

*After completing the first race of training, press the Y button on the main menu to skip all subsequent workouts. Additionally, if you stumble or exit the second race (F-ZERO 25) or later, you will be given the option to skip that race.

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*Once you skip a training session, you cannot return to it.

– In “F-ZERO 99”, players who have just started playing the game and players who are not yet used to playing the game can now be matched with each other.

Other bug fixes

Some issues have been fixed to make the game more fun.