September 16, 2021


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Orange puts an end to its Femtocell, UFC-Que Choisir "takes a step back for thousands of subscribers"

Orange puts an end to its Femtocell, UFC-Que Choisir “takes a step back for thousands of subscribers”

Orange puts an end to its Femtocell, UFC-Que Choisir

Goodbye to the 3G mini-network for making calls on your mobile in case of poor security at home for Orange subscribers. You need to go through WiFi calls. As long as you have a compatible terminal.

“Femtocell 3G is obsolete and will be permanently discontinued on August 21, 2021”, Information to Orange recently. To justify this decision, the current operator is highlighting the constantly improving mobile network coverage, with more than 99% of people receiving its 4G, but retrieving part of its 2100 MHz frequencies and adopting practical integrated Wi-Fi is a calling function. “On many mobiles “(See list) In the absence of adequate security inside the home. What calls can and should be made by connecting your mobile to the WiFi network.

In total, 160,000 subscribers have been affected by the end of this free service, which involves connecting a box to Livebox to benefit from a 3G mini network within the home. Corn UFC Q-Selection See already “A Flashback to Thousands of Customers”.

For its part, Orange Femdocell estimates 20% of the number of users who perceive that they are getting it right after the crash. For others, satisfaction with WiFi calls is essential. However, if the operator confirms that they use 2 times less energy than a mobile call, the consumer association is supported by user feedback. “Quickly drain phone batteries”. Not to mention that many recent models do not integrate this function. Many subscribers need to update their smartphone or “Go to the back of the garden or near the village church and send a call or SMS and wait until Orange installs a mobile antenna near their house”. Or change operator.

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For those who have a femtocell, all they have to do is return it to the orange to recycle. For those who do not cancel the option before the end of the service, the operator will automatically send you a Chronopost return slip in September.