September 24, 2021


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CoD Warzone: Nine xT is the new Flux booster game

CoD Warzone: Nine xT is the new Flux booster game

The Nino “Nine XD” is the new Flux booster. Brazil’s main name in the Call of Duty: Warson, the veteran will be an influential, and will compete in championships representing Bruno “Nobru” and Lucio “Serol” organization.

The announcement took place Monday night. In addition to the nine XD, Fluxo’s group of influencers already includes Ali Mace, Gorilla, King, John Vokes and Luket 4.

Nine XD, a new development from Fluxo – Photo: Samon Sambayo / Fluxo

– Today, I am very happy to come to Fluxo, one of the leading sports companies in Brazil. When they called me, I didn’t think twice about accepting it because I knew guys and I knew I would have all the framework needed to grow my work to the best of my ability. You can be sure that I am very focused on this company and ready to live this challenge in my life – in a statement sent to Nine xT Magazine.

We created Fluxo beyond Free Fire, which we show in our signatures and messages. It’s time to build a quality position in Warson – Serol said.

Nine XD, one of Brazil’s leading streamers, is known for its versatility. Prior to dedicating himself to Warson, the player competed professionally on Battlefield 4, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, Playerungno’s Bottegrounds and Apex Legends. Nine xT Ronaldo’s friend and agent.

Event Meet: Ronaldo shows talent in the Call of Duty

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